30 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Facts based on different breeds of dogs

  1. Newfoundland is a prominent web-footed dog breed with a water impassable coat. This trait makes the Newfoundland dog breeds to help fishermen and rescue people who drown.
  1. The only dog breed that can imitate the human emotion of blushing is Pharaoh Hounds.
  2.  The Greyhound is the fastest canid with a speed of 45 miles an hour. The speed of other dog breeds is 20 miles an hour, while greyhound, the only dog breed that can possibly catch up with that of a cheetah in a long race.
  1. Siberian huskies wag more and bark less because they prefer to sing or howl. They can adapt to live even at extremely lower temperatures below -60°C
  1. Poodles generally get bored soon if they are not engaged with mental or physical stimulation. Their triggers could be in the form of exercise, plays, or accompanying them. They learn new commands and tricks quickly which is why poodles were used in circus often.
  2. Perky-eared dog breeds are capable of hearing sounds more precisely and better than that of floppy-eared breeds.

General facts

  1. The life span of a dog could be read from the appearance of their face. It’s said that Dog’s of wedge-shaped or with sharp face appearance tend to live longer than the breeds having flat faces such as bulldogs.
  1. Dogs are not color blind. They just have a limited spectrum range than humans, which is yet another reason for having superior night vision. They have more receptors for shades of black, white, blue, and yellow.
  2. Dogs have three eyelids with the third eyelid peeping out only when there is an issue with the eye. The third membrane is called the haw which keeps their eyes moist and secure.
  3. Dogs express in more than a hundred ways to humans, their facial expressions are adorable.
  4. Newborn puppies are capable of finding their moms even with their eyes and ears closed. They have heat sensors in their nose helping them identify their parents because of the thermal sensing potential.
  5. About 35% of the pet owners communicate with their pets over the phone when they are out.

Facts about the dog’s behavior

  1. A research study at UCSD depicts that dogs can exhibit jealousy which is a human emotion that describes a love triangle when they see their owner display affection to another creature.
  2. The posture and body language of a dog portrays more about their emotions and feelings.

The dog feels fearful if their ears are back and tail held below, an upright head signifies dominance, while a tilted head implies a playful behavior. 

  1. Dogs can actually recognize human emotions and smell their feelings efficiently.

A dog can sense smell about 100,000 times better than that of humans. They can even sense people’s fear by a simple change in breathing or perspiration.

  1. Dog’s want to make themselves comfy at home by trying to spin around in circles before they nestle. Such behavior is a nesting trait which is brought down from the wild ancestors of the dog.
  2. Dogs do have a great sense of time when they miss their owners and respond to different levels of enthusiasm from time to time.

Studies have shown that they are capable of identifying the difference between an hour and five. They can as well predict any future occurring events such as food timings or walk timings once they get conditioned.

  1. Dogs are good at forensic science making them interpret many psychological features of other dogs from the smell of urine. Details such as the gender, age, emotion, and health of the other dogs are deciphered. 

Facts on Health and safety of dogs

  1. Identifying a dog in stress is as simple as finding them go grey in color. Researchers have concluded that dogs are similar to humans since they get premature greying by stress and genetics. Thus, it is significant to ensure their health.
  1. Avert your dogs from munching an apple or pear seed as they are toxic in nature and can also cause choking.
  2. Unlike humans, the pH level of a dog’s spit is different. It will help in identifying their health. Excessive slobbering shows that they are ill before vomiting, or poisoning or having toxic ingestion.
  3. Excluding any food that includes caffeine, chocolate, cooked onions, and macadamia nuts, is good for their health. Even a small portion of grapes or raisins can lead to renal failure in the dog.
  4. It’s best to refrain the diet of your dog from milk products because they are lactose intolerant. 
  5. Heartworms are transferred from dog to dog through the bite of an infected mosquito. 

Facts about Dog’s Euphoria

  1. Separation anxieties of Dogs

You can help your dog overcome its separation anxiety by leaving some of the clothes you have worn since they carry your scent.

  1. Unchained dogs have better rationality making them three times less likely to bite people than a chained dog.
  2. You might put yourself in danger if you keep smiling at a dog because according to him, you would appear as an aggressive person baring your teeth.

Facts about dogs that help us in our daily lives

  1. Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

Your Dogs can do wonders, keeping your blood pressure under control is one among them, Petting & Playing with dogs can keep your pressure at par. Going on a Date? Your Dog is your master. Yes, Dogs can help you win a date. One study says that a man with dogs has high chance of getting a girl’s phone number. 66% of men and women would not date someone who doesn’t like pets.

  1. Dogs Detect Cancer

Dogs like  Siberian Husky can sniff out cancer just by smelling, one can train them to detect cancer

  1. Stroking our dogs and gazing into their eyes releases several “feel-good hormones” such as serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin for both men and dogs.

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