5 Things to do before you go RVing

Go RVing with Pets

Summer time means RV time. You and your furry babies must be on full swing to make this summer memorable.

Here are a few things that you must do before you go RVing with pets on your new adventure

Prepare your RV



If you are a full-time RVer you are fully prepared for RVing with pets but if you go on short trips during spring or summer, you need to get your RV ready. Plan on the number of days you will be camping and then fill your RV with the necessary things. Check the power sockets, clear the anti-freezers, make a Pet Checklist (or you could use this), and refill the kitchen gas.


Know the place before you pack your bags. Search for dog-friendly places where you and your dog can enjoy. Mostly importantly learn about the pet laws of the place you are visiting. Each state laws are different.

Know your pet

It’s important to know the personality of your pet before heading or even planning for RVing with pets. If your pet is a daring doggy, then choose a wildlife tours and if your pet is calm or old choose scenic places. This is to make sure your pets make friends with other pets rather than being frightened.

Train your pet

Training is very important not just when you are at home but also when you are camping. It gives you a peace of mind when you have a trained dog. Train your pet on the certain commands before you start the journey. According to the ASPCA, pet owners need to train their pets at least few months before they head on roads.

Prepare for emergencies

Keep all your pets identities and records at a place. Microchip your pet with id card, address tag and contact information. This will help others to contact you if your pet gets lost or is in danger. Have a first aid kit ready in case of any casualties. Also have a pet monitor which monitors your pet’s environment temperature. Pet monitor helps Keep your pet comfort and safe by monitoring the temperature in your RV and notifying you via text messages and notifications.

We hope these tips help make your Pet RVing a pleasant and memorable experience.


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