5 Tips for a Healthy RV Life

“A small step can take you a long way” is a saying that is most apt for RV maintenance. A Recreational Vehicle if not maintained properly can cost you a fortune. The cost being one aspect of it, you sure do not want your long-planned vacation with your furry baby to be spoiled due to improper maintenance of your RV.

Here are 5 tips which when followed correctly will offer a healthy life for your Recreational Vehicle.


Most of the time an RV is used only during Summer when the climate is apt for camping and trekking. So proper care should be taken when the RV is not used. Covering an RV is a tad costlier but the repercussions of not doing this can cost you a bomb.

Leaving your RV uncovered can cause the interior temperatures to reach an alarmingly high Fahrenheit. The sun rays can cause seal damage. Post Winter, the accumulated snow that has been built up will melt leaving water on the roof of your vehicle. This can leave your RV vulnerable to leaks, cracks and deteriorate the performance of your vehicle.

Covering your RV will protect the vehicle from sun rays and not allow the interior temperature to raise more than 80°F (when covered). It will protect the exteriors of the RV and maintain the resale value of the unit.


The older your unit the more lubrication it will need. It is important to keep your hinges, screws, and sliders well lubricated. This not only aides in quick movement but also retards corrosion.

It is recommended to choose a lubricant that is dry. This is because, when used it seals out moisture content and prevents sticking. Not to forget, it also relieves you from the squeaking sound that they make.

3.Temperature Control

Temperature Control is a serious issue when you take your pet out with you for trips. What is normal for you might be extremely hot for your pet. This is because humans can tolerate heat and cold to a larger extent but the anatomy of dogs is not designed that way.

Use a temperature monitor device to monitor the temperature inside your RV. Choose a device that would keep you informed about the temperature by sending alerts regularly. Check out the features of Waggle Pet Monitor.


As an RV owner, you need to inspect and seal your unit at least twice a year. This is to prevent leaks in the gasket, window, vents etc. Check for gaps between window flanges, gasket leaks while inspecting the RV.

There are different types of materials available in the market such as rubber, fiberglass, aluminum etc that you can use to seal proof your vehicle. Check with your manufacturer to choose the right material for your RV.

5.Generator Maintenance

Most of the benefits that you enjoy while traveling is backed up by your generator. Right from functioning your air conditioner to your microwave, you need a generator to get them working on the go. Therefore, this can be rightly called as the brain of your RV. Hence proper care and maintenance is necessary to get them functioning seamlessly.

Make sure that you run your generator every now and then even when you’re not traveling. Petrol and Diesel generators have different maintenance methods. Check with your manufacturer if they offer regular maintenance facilities before you buy your unit. If not, find a mechanic who will be able to service the unit for you on a regular basis.

Do follow these tips for a happy and peaceful travel experience. Have an additional tip that will benefit fellow RV users? Let us know in the comments section below.


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