5 Tips to Protect Your Pet During Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is all about love! But when you are a pet parent, Valentine’s Day comes with a little more responsibility. No Worries, though! We have got your back. Here are 5 tips to protect your pet during Valentine’s Day!

5 Tips to protect your pet during Valentine’s Day

1. Dog-Safe Bouquets!

Roses and other flowers may be great symbols of love but are dangerous for your pets. Why not try a dog-safe bouquet? Research on your own, or ask the florist for help. Choose an ideal bouquet that reflects the love for both your lover and your pet!

2. Chocolates

What’s a valentine’s day without a little bit of sweetness, aye? As much as we love chocolates, it’s too dangerous for the little furry babies at home. Chocolate, candy, or even sugar-free candies will sharply affect the insulin level of your pet. Xylitol, the enzyme in chocolates, is undoubtedly good for humans but not safe for pets. So, share sweets but just not with your furry friends!

3. Candles

A candlelight dinner sounds romantic, but it could turn into a disaster when pets are around. Pets being the curious creatures they are, might get attracted to flame and could hurt themselves. So make sure you are keeping your pets away from candles. Another thing to be cautious about is scented candles. Pets have sensitive noses, and not all scented candles are pet-friendly.

4. Decoration items and Wrappers

All the decor items like plastic flowers, fake plants, wrappers, ribbons, bows, tapes, etc., can cause choking if swallowed. Discard them immediately; this way, the pets can be safe.

5. RV Car Safety Monitor

Perhaps you plan to take your valentine out on a long drive. Did you know it’s essential to know our pets ‘environment temperature’, mainly when you are away? Too high or low temperatures will harm them in a matter of minutes. Monitor their environment temperature or humidity – and ensure your loved ones are safe in your absence.

We hope the above 5 tips to protect your pet during Valentine’s Day are helpful to keep your dogs safe. Please do like, comment, and share it with others. And if you have any information that other pet-parents can benefit from, please let us know at love@mywaggle.com

Have a safe and sweet valentine’s day!


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