6 Fall Dog Protection Tips

The autumn season is here and like every other season; our pets can get into a little seasonal danger during autumn too. To prevent them from getting into trouble, let’s see a few of the dangers dogs can face during this season.

1)   Toxic Mushrooms

This is the season when the mushrooms bloom to their fullest due to the chilly weather. While 99% of mushrooms are not toxic, the other 1% is highly toxic if consumed. Since we can’t distinguish toxic mushrooms from non-toxic ones, it is generally advisable to keep your dog away from all the mushrooms. If you see your dog eating a mushroom or showing abnormal signs after eating, take them to the vet immediately.

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2)   Rodent poison

This time of year is when we use rodent/ rat poison often. This is because the weather gets chilly and rodents seek shelter at nearby homes. Pet owners must be really careful while using these rodenticides, as they are extremely harmful and if ingested could be fatal. Be very careful in case you use rodenticides at home or wherever your pets are. The best solution would be to use alternate and safer options instead of rodenticides.

 3)   Conkers

Conkers are the seeds from horse chestnut trees. During this season, mainly the pet owners must be very careful of conkers. They are highly poisonous if chewed or eaten and if the pets swallow the seed, it can cause a serious blockage problem. The owners must be careful of other malignant plants like daffodils and tulips.

4)   Anti-Freeze

Antifreeze smells and tastes sweet. Pets love to lick it but it is one of the most commonly found poisonings among our pets. It is extremely dangerous. As little as a teaspoon or two can be fatal for dogs, depending on the size. Symptoms of this poisoning include acting drunk or uncoordinated, excessive thirst, and lethargy.

 5)   Mothballs

Mothballs contain chemicals such as paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene. If consumed by pets, it can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, tremors, kidney and liver failure, and weakness. In case you use mothballs at home, make sure it is away from your pets to reach.

6)   Compost bins or piles

Decomposing and decaying organic matter and molding food products in your compost backyard piles have the potential to contain tremorgenic mycotoxins. These toxins produced by molds cause tremors or seizures even when ingested in small amounts. The tremors can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Make sure your pet is safe and away from the compost bins and piles and in case of emergency immediately take them to the vet.

Bonus Tips:

1. Protect their paws

Cold weather is ultimately near. Remember to take care of your fur friend’s toe beans. It can cause cracks, dryness, swelling and pain. Use paw booties to keep them warm and convenient to walk around.

2. Feed joint supplements

Cold weather can sometimes become a roller coaster, especially if your fur buddy is a senior pooch. One of the common issue bothers in aged pets are osteoarthritis. Inflammation in joints wreak havoc their quality life. Ask your vet about joint supplements and add them to your pet’s diet.

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These are some of the dangers your pets can face throughout the autumn. Take the necessary precautions to keep your dog safe and Happy Autumn, everyone!


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