7 Cool Ideas for Dog Pool Parties this Summer

7 cool ideas for dog pool party

Summer is right around the corner, and if you have a dog (or more) at home, you know that means it’s time to start planning that summertime party!

There are plenty of options out there, so it can be hard to decide which one to go with…but if you love your dog(s), you won’t mind splashing around in some water and having some fun in the sun with them this summer! These 7 cool ideas for dog pool parties will help you plan your next get-together!

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1) Try pool floats

Pool floats are a great way to bring your dog’s favorite pastime (swimming) to your next party. Whether it’s an annual pool party or a birthday bash, some awesome pool float ideas for dogs make swimming more fun and entertaining. Some of these can even double as life preservers! So grab your pup and check out these adorable floats.

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2) Throw A Stylish Pool Party

Pool parties are just another way for you to show off your style and your love for your dog. If you are looking for fun summer activities to do with your best friend, a pool party might be exactly what you need. Here’s how to throw a stylish pool party that your pup will enjoy swimmingly!

3) Have Fun With Treats & Toys

Show your dog that it’s a holiday party by pulling out any holiday decorations and playing holiday music. Let your dog pick one special toy as a party favor and take turns playing fetch with it during breaks in between swimming. 

Some of these games might be easier with two people, so consider having a friend help if you want to be able to throw a few toys for Fido. Just make sure everyone remembers that pets aren’t toys! Make games fun but safe at all times.

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4) Use A Large, Sturdy Bed

Many dog owners will go to great lengths to ensure their pets are comfortable, but keeping them safe is just as important. That includes providing a sturdy and secure place for your canine companion in and around your pool. 

Dogs can easily lose their footing and fall into pools, so make sure they have a bed that’s both big enough and durable enough for swimming. The PoochPup Large Bed does both of these things well.

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5) Get The Right Supplies

Whether hosting a small get-together or throwing a large party, one of your first steps is getting supplies together. Once you know how many people will be attending, it’s time to make a shopping list. Here are some things to consider bringing along: bowls, towels, and water toys (floaties work best in shallow pools). It might also be smart to have a few treats on hand for any excited dogs who arrive early—don’t forget about yourself!

6) Look On The Bright Side

Whether your dog loves swimming, a pool party is always an exciting event. However, in addition to fun and games, keep some things in mind that will help ensure both your dogs and you have a safe time. Your dog may be cute, but that doesn’t mean they can tolerate heat well; remember to watch them carefully and bring a towel or two. Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself!

7) Get a floating disc

Most dogs love to swim, and one of their favorite toys is a floating disc. It doesn’t need to be fancy—just an empty plastic water bottle will do. Throw it in your dog’s pool for some summertime fun. If you want something more substantial, look for a similar toy online or at your local pet store.

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