7 Dog-Friendly Ways to Spoil Your Dog

If dog owners are excited for one day in a year that would be ‘Spoil your dog day’. We all know that our pets get spoiled on a regular basis, but this day, in particular, gives dog owners an excuse to spoil their pets without feeling guilty. And every dog owner finds this day as a perfect opportunity to step up their spoil games at least a notch. 

We at Waggle, have combined few ways in which you could step up your games on this spoil your dog day. Keep reading to find out more.

1) Take your pup on a spa date

Spa for the pup is all in vogue right now and new spas are popping everywhere. Do your research and find one that is near you. Make sure your pup would be comfortable with the environment. Some spas even provide services for both the owner and the pup. Select a spa that gives the best experience and spend some quality time there.

2) Buy them new bedding

This is a good day to upgrade your dog’s old, stinky and worn out bedding if you have been thinking about it for a while. Replace the old bedding with something warm and comfortable. This is a really good way to spoil them as well as giving them something nice that will last a long time.

3) Bake them a treat

Spoiling them means giving them treats and what better way than baking them something that you know they will love. If you can’t bake, then take them to a bakery that specializes in artisanal dog treats. This is a great way of spending this day with your pup as this not only gives you a way to explore the dog bakeries but will help you interact with other dog owners.

4) Take them on a full grooming spree

If you are used to grooming your dogs at your home, this is the best day to explore professional grooming salons. The professional salon provides a number of options ranging from nail art to teeth cleaning. Though it might not be the best experience for your pup, they will later enjoy their grooming time especially if it’s summer.

5) Go on a trip

Take them on a vacation with you. Especially summer dog trails are very common, take them on a hike. It will be a bonding experience for both you and your pup. But do the research before you go on a trip or a hike and make sure the environment is dog-friendly. Read our blog on hiking with your dog to get an insight on the same.

6) Host a doggy party

If you have friends who are a dog enthusiast like you, plan a party and invite like-minded people and host a party for all the doggos. It will not only be an experience for your dog to mingle with other dogs, but you can also get to mingle with like-minded individuals as well and share all your dog stories with them. We know you have too many stories to tell.

7)    Buy them new toys

Dogs always appreciate a new toy. If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, just take your dog to a pet store and let them pick whatever toy they want and buy them the same. This will spoil your dog and it is not as a hassle as hosting a party.


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