7 Holiday Foods that can be Toxic for Dogs


Holidays are around the corner and they are never complete without the oven’s timer ticks or the delicious food’s tempting aroma .*Ahem! Watch out for your pup’s reaction! He would love to get a taste of it* Many lip-smacking holiday foods in your dining room are suitable for your guests but can be toxic foods for dogs. The ingredients used may turn into dangerous foods for dogs and have high chances of fatality or health impairment.

*Pssst… there are chances that your four-legged friend will listen to its snout orders and taste the Christmas human treats.*

There are some safe foods for dogs to treat them like ‘majesty’ this Holiday. Before you invite your guests and pets or you give a visit, make sure what dangerous foods for dogs are on the menu.

  1. Alcohol:

Many people prefer to have a glass of wine (or maybe two) during the holidays. While alcohol makes up for the holiday spirit, it is something that is not recommended for your puppers. Tasting it can cause respiratory distress, coma, and sometimes ruin their overall health. Beware that many cakes contain rum content.

Not to Self: *Keep your woof-tastic friend from ALCOHOL!*

  1. Chocolate

Desserts, especially chocolates, add a sweet final touch to your delicious holiday meal. Nevertheless, chocolate is toxic to dogs because it has theobromine.*Especially Dark chocolates*. Dogs cannot metabolize chocolates and may turn into a life-threatening issue. *Be sure not to leave any chocolates within your pooch’s reach*

  1. Bones

*Juicy Turkey* An excellent holiday food. So, for your Fido. But not their bones.

*Wait! What?*

Cooked bones end up having splinters, leading to painful gums,  which may require surgical intervention as well. ). These affected gums are highly inflamed which may lead to choking or blockages. Treat your lovable Fido with uncooked bones in small quantities! 

  1. Macadamia Nuts

*Cookies make your World go Round*

Opening the cookie jar lid is always soothing. Cookie nibbling and spilling it all over your floor or couch is casual during the Holidays. *Clean it before your pooch reaches it*. It’s again a dangerous food for dogs. Nuts and macadamia nuts fatally affect your pup muscle health, lead to swollen legs, excessive panting, and may lead to fatality as well. 

  1. Onions and Garlic

*Be careful with this Onion family*

Dogs are attracted to the smell of onion, garlic, and chives and often go exploring even if they are not supposed to! Though you won’t feed them raw to your pets, check the ingredients before you or your guests provide them. It causes red blood cell breakdown, gastrointestinal irritations, and *lousy breath, too!*

  1. Grapes and Raisins

*Christmas cookies, cakes, puddings, and more*

Mostly, cakes have raisins and nuts that we love to eat more. Never feed cakes to your four-legged friend.

*Not even a tiny piece*

The toxin ultimately causes vomit, hyperactivity, anorexia, and fatal issues like liver damage and kidney failure.

  1. Sweet Treats

Your fur friend senses the taste of sweetness. So don’t try to be nice even if they show their cute begging face. If you don’t want to disappoint your pooch, you can feed cooked Sweet potatoes. 

*You may think, ‘how about sugar-free treats?’*

Well, sugar-free treats contain an artificial sweet agent, Xylitol and it is highly dangerous for dogs. 

*Keep the sugar treats away from your pup’s reach* It causes hypoglycemia in dogs, leading to liver failure and blood clots.

You can’t make your fur friend long like *Gib me a holiday snack Hooman* face. Bake some safe foods for dogs this holiday and brighten their day pawsitive. 

What to do if Your Pup Consumes a Toxic Holiday Treat?

Dogs’ sense of smell acts as a compass, searching the right place for its source. So, it is naturally difficult for them not to follow the aroma of various dishes. They might taste it or even give it a good try. 

 If your dog ends up consuming these holiday foods meant for human consumption, chances are you might not see immediate reactions. It is best to immediately seek your vet’s opinion for a quick solution. 


Stay Worry-Free this busy Holiday Season!

The holiday includes many parties, games, guest visits, and invites. So, you might be *busy* to stay with your lovable pet. 

*Disappearing from a party and rushing home for your pet is not a good decision, though!* 

For you, Waggle Pet Camera is a good decision! The cutest pet camera lets you stay connected with your pet all day long, even when you’re not around. Its multi-features enable you to Watch, Talk, and Toss treats to your pet effortlessly. You can monitor them*via smart mobile app* to not reach the toxic foods for dogs. 

“Ho-Ho-Ho… Jingle Bells”. 

A good holiday is like spreading merriness all around! Be the best Santa for your Furry friend and make its day Wooftacular.


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