6 Pawsome years of Pet Protection… Celebrate together with Waggle

It’s our Sixth Wagg-versary! 

Waggle is on a mission to help pet parents and their furry friends enjoy life on the road. It’s amazing to see our passion for pets and their well-being has turned into a serious goal!

We gained 30,000+ Pet parents entrusting their pet’s comfort and safety with us with our hardships!

We’re overwhelmed to see our community positively influencing hundreds of thousands of pet parents and RVers. It has been providing Peace of Mind for many as they traveled with their fur babies in tow.

We are Waggle, and this is our story…

Where everything started…

Summer of 2016, a crisis surfaced as many dogs were found dead from heat stroke. It was devastating to see so many pets suffer in hot temperatures when they are left alone inside parked RVs / Cars.

We, Waggle, stepped in and took charge of the ultimate solution for Pet Protection.

That was when the open road, the euphoria of driving, and the desire to explore the country with a four-legged companion grew more in a new generation of RVers. By fusing technology and love, we came up with a Pet Temperature Monitor that helped thousands of RV pet parents to save their beloved fur kids.

A year passed, and we found that we had saved more than 13,000 pets by averting risk incidents. But we were determined more than ever work ceaselessly until we save every single dog’s life and their owner’s heart. Over the years, we upgraded the  Pet Temperature Monitor and Waggle Pet App to make them more user-friendly.

We are proud that 7000 pet lives as well as averted 400,000 potential risk incidents due to temperature-related dangers over the last few years.

What is Waggle?

Ok! We can hear you!

Waggle is a solution to monitor, protect and get peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

Monitor your pet’s ambient temperature and know its comfort with our Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor. It sends you real-time alerts if Temperature / Humidity rises or drops from the threshold level. Plus, whenever your RV’s power is lost or recovered, network coverage, Geofence alerts, and more. 

We’re passionate about making RVers’ and Pet’s life more comfortable, whether on the road or under the roof.

It’s not ‘just’ 6 Years, it’s…

Best Years of us.

9M+ social community!

On this memorable occasion, we wanted to share a few words from our customers about how Waggle gave them peace of mind.  

“We absolutely love this! It’s worth every penny for us to be able to leave the kiddos in the RV and go out to dinner and not have to worry if the power went out or the AC stopped working.”

– Patrick McCormick

I have been a satisfied Nimble/Waggle subscriber for 3 years. When my old 3G unit began to fail, I reached out to customer care, and they walked me through the features of the new 4G version. I purchased it and have had it now for 4 months. I like the added humidity sensor, and with dogs, we are always checking to make sure that they are comfortable and safe in hot, humid weather that is common here in Florida. A must-have addition to your travel kit, especially if you are full-time living in an Rv.”

– Dudley Dorite

I have used these pet monitors for several years. I have one in my car and one in the kennel room. They are invaluable. The Nimble/Waggle support is excellent. I will never be without my waggles.”

– Theresa Nolan

Great product. Does a great job in keeping my dog safe in the RV. It monitors power and temperature and sends alarms to my wife and my phone when it exceeds the setpoints I set into the device.”

– J. Tinagero

To Patric, Dudley, Theresa, Tinagero, and countless other customers, we are so excited to hear you loved your experience with us and that we were able to help save your fur kids.

We know how important they can be in our lives, which is why we give our all to ensure safety and also which is why all of the support from you means everything to everyone here at Waggle!

Wait! There’s more to celebrate

Did you know dogs left at home alone for more than four hours a day experience loneliness, depression, and frustration?

We learned that pets miss their parents when they step out to spend maximum time in the office, trekking, RVing, and more. To bridge the gap, we crafted Waggle Pet Camera.

It is our most recent product to guarantee your pet’s comfort and safety.

With Waggle Pet Camera, you can Watch, Talk, Toss Treats, and do more fun stuff.

To our Waggle family

To all of the team, everyone who has helped us, who shared our ebb and flow, we wish you well on your journeys. Thank you for everything!

This is what our captain, our proud CEO Siva has to say about our mission here at Waggle!

Bunch of thanks to those who have shared our messages, and blog posts, and recommended us to friends over the years. Accept our virtual hug 🤗

Waggle assures Safety and Peace of Mind, now and forever.


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