Celebrating 2 Years of Pet Protection!

Today is officially Waggle 2nd year anniversary! Two years is a big milestone for any company.

There has been many sleepless nights and endless work by Waggle team that contributed to keeping the business afloat. We are extremely thankful for everything that has happened to us so far. The past two years has been a whirlpool and we have been incredibly grateful. We understand that success isn’t given to those who are just working hard and in that aspect, we have been extremely fortunate to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary today.

We’re sharing few memorable moments during this journey. Listen to what our beloved customer had to say:

Our Legacy:

Waggle was originally designed for industrial temperature monitoring. As we neared completion, Boxer, one of our colleague’s pet dog tragically lost his life to heatstroke. A situation that could have been prevented if the owner was alerted in a timely manner. We probed into this and concluded that there were so many pet deaths due to heat-related issues.

We thought to ourself, can we do something about it? Putting our heads together, we took a blind leap by modifying the device and implementing it for the pet community. We added an alerting process that triggers notifications so that the pet parent can always stay vigilant of their pet’s environment temperature.

The initial stages were tough but with enough patience, we persevered and reached places that we thought was impossible two years ago. Since then, we have reached out to various pet communities and the number of pets saved in this process is innumerable.

Thank you all for your great support!

We are now one of the fastest growing startups and it is because of our ever growing customers. So it only seems fair to give back to the community that helped us grow and evolve.

On this special occasion, we wish to shower you with a special offer. Purchase our Pet Monitor Bundle and Save your pets.

In addition, join us in spreading the love. Use #Waggle to show your support in sharing it in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let’s Celebrate!


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