Top Things to do In and Near Colonial Williamsburg

Top Things to do In and Near Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a curious mix of a college town, upbeat vibes, and a dollop of vintage touch added by the colonial feel that set its root in the town more than 300 years ago. 

Colonial Williamsburg is a ticket to paradise for any history or culture buff looking to breathe in the sight of the early British settlers who paved the way for the New World. Here, visitors get to meet the ideologies of George Washington or Edith Cumo and witness the art of some of the best craftsmen and artisans in the world. 

From horse-drawn carriages to colonial dining, from diving into the hard yet exquisite life of the colonial times to walking alongside nervous travelers in the Haunted Williamsburg tour, Colonial Williamsburg has so much to offer!

Things to do in Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect epitome of the olden times before the land of America opened its doors to the New World. Having seen its high and low, Williamsburg is an essential piece of history that helps trace back to the roots of the country we know today. 

Here are a few things you MUST do when in Williamsburg.

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1. Dive into the Colonial Times

The 18th century Colonial Williamsburg offers a deep dive into the rich history. Home to one of the world’s largest living history museums, the site has more than 40 trades and sites, as well as two state-of-the-art museums that offer an in-depth insight into the times gone by. Make a stop at Raleigh Tavern, and don’t miss the “Revealing the Priceless’ exhibition that yet again narrates the hundreds of years old story of Colonial Williamsburg, including the plight of enslaved children, women, and men. 

2. Another Round, Barkeep!

The land of breweries, wineries, and distilleries, Williamsburg has a lot to offer to those who enjoy an occasional glass. Walk on the path to the multiple ways of making craft beers and authentic wines & spirits. Drink responsibly and take in the scent Williamsburg has to offer. 

3. Go Ghost Hunting

Since we are talking about colonial times, we will be amiss if we don’t talk about ghosts and haunted grounds! In the original ghost tour of Williamsburg, you live the legends that haunt the city till day. You also get a first-hand experience in One of the 13 “Bucket List ” things to do while visiting the Colonial Williamsburg area. Get to know the stories in this one-hour candlelight walking tour and get a taste of the essential Colonial Williamsburg. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on this tour. 

4. Stay in Awe of the Colonial Williamsburg Residences

The handsome residences of Colonial Williamsburg are a beauty to behold! Visit the beautiful Wythe House on Palace Green, where George Wythe mentored Thomas Jefferson and served as the first law professor at the College of William & Mary. That is not all! The house also welcomed another political figure, the first U.S President George Washington, and served as the headquarters before the British seized the property. You can also walk down the path of another gorgeous residence, Peyton Randolf House. Built in 1715, it is one of the oldest and most iconic spots of the Colonial Williamsburg neighborhood. 

5. Check Out the Continental Army Encampment in Yorktown

The historic battle of Yorktown is still celebrated to this day to mark George Washington’s victory over Lord Charles Cornwallis, ending the Revolutionary War in 1781. Yorktown depicts a compelling story of the bloody past and a triumphant story that forever changed the course of American history.

Are Pets Allowed in Colonial Williamsburg?

While pets are allowed in the neighborhood and areas, certain locations and activities are off-limits to the pooches. We have already mentioned the Ghost Tour, which does not allow furry participants.

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Several iconic buildings and museums might not agree to invite pets unless they are service dogs and their owners have valid certification to prove the same. 

In such cases, you can let your pets stay safe in your RV while you can track the temperature and their location via the Waggle Pet Monitor. Track the status on your phone as you take in the panoramic views of the old town Colonial Williamsburg.


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