Do Dogs Sweat?

Do Dog Sweat?

A very common thought for new dog parents is, ‘do dogs sweat?’ You see them running around the house, jumping all over, and being physically active throughout the day, irrespective of the weather. 

If they were humans, they would have been drenched in sweat, but you cannot see any sweat on dogs, which is quite surprising. 

Let us get to know about it in this blog.

Do dogs and humans sweat in a similar manner?

Unlike humans, dogs have two different sweat glands. The first one is the Merocrine, which is similar to the human sweat glands. It is located in the paws of the dog. Moreover, when dogs sweat through this gland, it helps them cool down. However, the other gland, which is the Apocrine gland, is spread in the entire body of the dog but dogs do not sweat through this gland. Rather, a scent is released from this gland through which the dogs are able to identify each other.

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Is there any other way for the dog to remain cool?

As mentioned above, it is through the gland which is present in the paws of the dog, they keep themselves cool. However, dogs use another way to cool down themselves, which is by panting. As weird as it may sound, you will often see your dog panting; through this, they can keep their body temperature down. There is science behind it that explains the process of evaporation through the dogs’ tongues.

Another way by which dogs can cool themselves is through a process known as vasodilation. In this, the blood vessels of the dog expand. Then, the hot blood comes closer to the skin’s surface, which lowers the dog’s body temperature. This avoids dog sweating.

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Do dogs sweat much?

Humans sweat very differently compared to dogs. There are people who suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. This makes the person sweat excessively, even if they are at a cool temperature. However, there is no data stating or even indicating that dogs might have a similar condition.

There are occasions when even dogs sweat more than they usually do, like if they are sick or stressed. Such phases of excessive sweating pass away as and when the stressful matter goes away and when the dog is feeling healthy.

Is there any way through which you can help your dog cool itself down?

As mentioned above, there are different mechanisms through which dogs can cool themselves down. But as a dog parent, you might wonder if you can help your dog maintain its body temperature. Dog sweating generally happens in hot weather conditions like summer, just like human beings. If your dog is feeling hot, then it might even get a heatstroke, which can sometimes be critical. 

Therefore, it is important to deal with excessive dog heating. There are certain signals that the dog gives if they are excessively heated. The symptoms include rapid panting, red gums, excessive drooling, muscle tremors, loss of consciousness, irregular heart rate, etc.

If you see your dog showing any such symptoms, then you must immediately move it to a cool area or near an air conditioner. In such situations, make them drink a lot of water, which will help them calm down.

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Final Thoughts

While dogs do not sweat like humans, they do have enough ways to tackle it. However, in certain situations, your intervention is required to help them cool down their body temperature.

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