Do not let this happen to your Dog this Winter! – Winter dog safety tips


Yes, pet pawrents – 2020 has been a wishful ride with the soaring pandemic, life has become unpredictable. Winter is just in, and somehow, most of us have all our attire in place to see us through this season, all healthy and glorious, but can we say the same for our fur friends? Let’s talk about winter dog safety measures.

Of course Not!

Winter will be all chilly to the bone, not to mention certain areas in the Midwest that will be barely getting by when it comes to its temperature.

While we are well equipped, our fur friends and fur babies require just a little effort.

Animal abuse and deaths date back to the beginning of time. There are plenty of activist organizations such as the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that are championing the cause for animal safety and ways to prevent animal abuse. Though they perform their best in healing real-time abuse, there are still plenty of things to do. Every year, PETA receives reports about dogs, cats, and other animals who have died after being left outdoors in cold weather. In 2019 alone, 37 animal companion deaths related to cold weather—and those are just the ones that are reported.

Most are ignored.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Animal control found a dog frozen to death. She was with her seven puppies, who were rescued and survived.


Hopkinsville, Kentucky

A woman was charged with second-degree animal cruelty after her dog was found dead outside due to cold weather and lack of body weight.

There are many organizations like PETA out there, yet the deaths of animals during the chilly, cold weather are inevitable.

Though such cruelty and animal deaths are unintentional and mostly caused by ignorance/negligence, it is a severe offense to leave your pets in extreme weather that can be fatal. After all, we would not do this to another human, so why should we treat our pets differently? Every trouble that ever happened was due to the dearth of winter dog safety awareness.

At Waggle, we have always been trying our best to put pet safety first, create awareness about pet protection and wellness and feel responsible when we come across such incidents. Surprisingly, dogs are allowed to die when a few routine and straightforward tips could have avoided such dangers entirely. Here are some winter care tips for your pets. Always make sure your pets are in an environment where you are sure of the ambiance, comfort, and temperature.

In addition to following the requisite steps to ultimate petcare, Waggle goes all the way and brings in technology.

Use technology and your smartphone’s power to make sure you keep an eye on your pet protection at all times, especially this winter, by following the above winter dog safety tips.



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