Dog gets rescued in shopping mall parking lot

A dog gets seriously injured in Chesterfield. The dog was left in car for couple of hours, the temperature raised to triple digits out and double inside the car leaving the dog almost dead. The dog was however saved but this is the warning to all the people who leave their pets in hot cars and go. It is better to leave them at home rather than taking them out during the hot summers.

The pet owners were unaware of the temperature and how it affects the pet left in the car. Not just them many of the pet owners are unaware of the temperature their dog can tolerate.

This incident is not of its first kind, there are hundreds of cases witness every summer, can’t we take care of the friend which we love most? Did you ever think of monitoring the temperature of your pet’s room or a place she if left? Then think of it today and save your pet, next might be your pet.


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