Dog Saved From Blazing Hot Car

They’re About To Rescue A Dog From This Blazing Hot Car. When The Owner Shows Up? I’m Speechless.

Source: Honest Paws

Summer is a surprisingly dangerous season: If we ignore rising temperatures, we can put ourselves and others at risk for heat strokes and dehydration. While it’s common knowledge that animals must not be left in cars without ventilation, that doesn’t stop some people from doing just that, as evidenced in this video.


A good samaritan in Vermillion, Ohio, recently spotted a desperate elderly dog in a hot car. Thankfully that good samaritan’s actions led to the dog being rescued in time, but other animals may not be so lucky. Remember that every degree counts — and your pet should never be in a vehicle, for any length of time, where the temperature can’t be controlled to keep him or her safe. In the summertime, the best advice is to leave your pet at home on hot days.

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