First Aid for Heatstroke in Dogs

first aid for heatstroke in dogs

Any problem can be avoided if we adopt the right strategy. Similarly, we can avoid heatstroke as well in dogs if we take steps to regulate their body temperature at all times.

Tips for dog owners to protect their dogs and cats from heatstroke

As a pet owner, you must be very vigilant regarding the health of your pet and the temperature outside. The outside temperature has a huge role to play in keeping the pet’s health in check. If the temperature outside is extremely high, you must take all the required steps and measures to prevent any heatstroke.

If your dog is playing or sitting outside, make sure that the area is well-ventilated. If there is proper air circulation, the chances of experiencing a heatstroke decrease significantly. While traveling, ensure the dog is kept in a crate with enough ventilation. If you are leaving the dog in the car alone, then at least make sure to keep the windows open so the air can pass through.

Heatstroke treatment at home for dogs

As we have discussed above, heatstroke can also prove to be fatal. Hence, it is crucial to treat it as soon as possible. If you see any visible symptoms on your dog, make sure to shift it to a cooler place first. Then pour some cool water on the dog to regulate the body temperature. While doing so, make sure that you do not pour cold water over the dog as it might give them a shock which can also complicate the situation.

 Instead, you can use regular tap water to do so. Continue pouring water on top of them in small amounts until their breathing is stabilized and they start to feel better. While doing so, don’t pour any water on top of your head as they might inhale the water, which could lead to drowning. This is more likely to happen if your dog is lying unconscious or has a flat face.

If you choose to put a wet towel on the dog, always put it under them. If you put the damp towel on top of the dog, that might trap the heat and will only worsen the situation. Don’t make your dogs drink too much water at once. Let them drink however much they want to as per their requirement and comfort. 

If your dog loses consciousness, then there is a high chance that its panting will naturally stop. However, this does not mean that they are out of danger. They will need immediate medical intervention to restore their body temperature to normal.

How to avoid a heatstroke?

Well, ventilation and vigilance are the keys to this problem. Always make sure that there is proper ventilation, and more importantly, if the dog is not feeling well, you should be able to notice the symptoms in your dog. In such a case, take a step immediately to relieve the dog from suffering.

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