How Wayne went from constantly worrying about his two dogs to a happy camper with the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor?

Wayne Cook and his wife reside in Strongsville, Ohio, and travel a lot with their two dogs. He says, “Our dogs go with us everywhere, whether we are running around doing errands, visiting friends or traveling. If we can’t go somewhere with them, then we simply don’t go.” But he admits that he has always been nagged with the concern for their safety. He would worry if the air was set cold enough or heat was set warm enough for the dogs in the truck, car, or camper. Any time they would stop to eat or go sight-seeing, leaving them in the camping trailer, he would feel uneasy. He would often go and check on them half way through a meal or whatever they were doing while away. He recollects about the time when their camper was accidentally unplugged by their neighbors when they left the campgrounds. They have also had the power go out at the campground now and then. Each time, he felt lucky that they got back before the temperature raised to dangerous levels, but his worries grew.

One day, when he was at an event for dogs at the country fairgrounds, he ran into a group that trained police dogs. When he discussed them about his concerns, they pointed him to the few temperature monitoring products in the market. Wayne says, “ Waggle Pet Temperature monitor clearly stood out from the rest of the available products because of product quality, price advantage, and helpful responses to his queries from customer service by the following day.” Immediately, he purchased the monitor and is very happy with the product’s many features. He likes that he doesn’t need a special charger for the temperature monitor and that he can use any cell phone charger. He is also very pleased that he can use the same unit between his two cars and the camper. He says, “I can’t say one feature of the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor trumps the others, it is a combination of all that makes it a high-quality product.” He comments on how the Waggle app was super easy to use and the fact that the alerts come to him on his cell phone really delights him. He likes that the alerts can be customized, and he can enable or disable them as needed.

Based on his many years of camping experience, he knows that the power can go out for a considerable amount of time at any campground, things could go wrong with the generator and the camper where the circuit breaker could trip. Any of these situations could kick out the air conditioner causing the temperature inside the camper to rise quickly. Wayne says, “I recommend the temperature monitor to everyone who travels with dogs, goes camping, or boating with them. I tell them how this monitor has completely alleviated my worries about the safety of my dogs in the trailer, car or truck while we are away. Now, he is happy when camping because he can go on long bike rides with peace of mind, and enjoy dinner and sights at ease knowing that his dogs are safe and comfortable. Daily, as he goes about his errands with them in the car, he feels reassured of their safety.


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