Is RV Sharing a Good Deal for Dog Owners?


As the sharing economy continues to flourish and expand into more areas, it seems that you can share almost anything these days. You can share rides, homes, bikes, office space, and even yachts and boats. So, it is no surprise that several options have popped up for RV sharing. And here at Waggle, we think this idea is great!

Why Rent an RV?

Of course, the benefits of renting an RV are numerous. Renting allows you to try before you buy to see if you and your family really truly love the RV lifestyle before spending a substantial amount of money on your own camper. Not only can you try RVing as an activity, but you can test out a variety of different types of RV units, from luxury Class A motorhomes to simple pop-up campers. In fact, you could spend an entire summer trying out different options and then take advantage of the end of season sales to purchase your own RV once you have figured out which style suits you the best.

Sharing someone else’s RV is also perfect for anyone who just wants to take a trip occasionally. If you are not sure if you will like camping in an RV or you have limited time away from your day-to-day responsibilities, renting can be the perfect option. Not only do you save the purchase price of the camper, but you also save on the cost of insuring and storing the RV, as well as the time spent maintaining it. 

Dogs are Welcome!

The best part about RV sharing for dog owners, though, is that we found plenty of dog-friendly options. In a world where dogs are prohibited from many places like hotels and resorts, it is refreshing to see how many options we found. In fact, refreshing is an understatement. This makes us incredibly happy. If we had tails, we would wag them! It makes perfect sense to have pet-friendly units because the RV lifestyle and dogs are a natural fit. RV owners know that many potential renters are responsible dog owners whose dogs are well-trained constant companions. After all, when you want your dog with you 24/7, you are more likely to take great care of your canine companion.

Where Do I Start?

Currently, the two largest websites for RV sharing are Both of these sites have easy to navigate search options that allow us to search for dog-friendly units. Make sure you read the owner’s full description of their unit, as that is where you will find specific rules like how many dogs you are allowed if there are any size or breed restrictions, or any other dog-related information. We also suggest that you message the owner of the particular RV unit about your specific dog(s) so that you do not have any surprises when you head out on your journey.

Best Practices for RV Sharing

When renting an RV through an RV sharing site, we suggest planning a trip in which your dog is always supervised. Even the best-behaved dogs could accidentally damage something or intentionally chew furniture or flooring if left alone in a strange place. Also, consider insurance so that you are covered just in case of accidental damage by your dog. You never know when something like vomiting could stain the carpet or your usually perfect male dog might shock you by marking his turf even though he does nothing of that sort at home.

If you do have to leave your pet in the RV unattended, make sure that you have a travel crate and bedding that smells familiar. Also, take your  Waggle Pet Monitor to ensure that the temperature inside the RV unit is safe at all times. One of the benefits of this monitor is that you can take it from place to place; it is not permanently mounted in one particular location.

Also, ask the RV owner if they already have equipment for containing your dog when you are outside of the RV unit. Although you can keep your dog on a regular 6-foot-long leash, some RVers like to set up dog fencing or exercise pens to give their dogs a bit more freedom when enjoying time outside with their humans. If the RV owners have their own dogs, they may already have this equipment for you to use.

Finally, remember to scout out your destination in advance to make sure that your dog is welcome before making campsite reservations. You may need to provide your reservation information in advance to the RV owners before picking up your unit. You will also want to make sure that your destination falls within the miles that you are permitted to travel under the RV sharing agreement.


Have Fun

Once you have selected the perfect unit for you to rent, confirmed that your dog is welcome in the RV and campground, all that remains is for you and your dog to go out and have adventures together in the outdoors! Just don’t forget to share your photos with us on our Facebook page: .


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