It’s been 3 Pawsome Years of Pet Protection

This week we turn 3 and we are very grateful for our pet parent customers, social media supporters, partners, and friends across the world.

When we look back, it is overwhelming to see that we have been able to positively influence thousands of pet parents and pet travelers by offering them peace of Mind while traveling with their fur kids.

On this memorable occasion, we wanted to share a few real-time experiences from our customers that how Waggle came handy when they needed.

Life saving real-time Alerts

Jenny is 39. She has two dogs – Clara and John named after her Mom and Dad. Her entire world revolves around them. Last summer they went to Badlands national park for camping. She left the dogs in her RV and went out for a short span of time. During this time, the temperature inside her RV raised above the tolerable level. Waggle immediately alerted her and Jenny came back right in time to save her babies.

Temperature monitoring is very important when you stay or visit places with fluctuating temperatures. Your dog’s capability to withstand heat and cold is different from humans. What might be normal for us might turn out to be extremely harmful to dogs? It is also not possible to stay right next to your dogs all the time when you go out on a vacation. In times as such, the alert system gives you the peace of mind. You can always be sure that in case something is about to go wrong, you’d know in the right time.

Vehicle tracking with built-in GPS

Albus is someone who prefers camping in offbeat places. He has discovered a lot of such new places in and around the United States in an RV, usually with his dog James. On one such tour, Albus had parked his RV somewhere and had gone deep into the woods along with James. An hour later they realized that they have lost their way.
But, thanks to the inbuilt GPS system in the RV Pet monitor, Albus and James were able to track back their way.

Long lasting power backup

Luna and Mark are loyal customers of Waggle. They have 4 furry kids. One day Mark decided to surprise Luna and the kids by taking them out for a vacation. While in haste to pack and leave, Mark forgot to pack the charger. When we receive such mails from pet parents around the state thanking us for such an amazing product, it derives a special meaning for the business that we run. We are thankful for all the love and trust that you shower upon us.

Let us know how Waggle made a difference in your life at and help us stay motivated.


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