5 Things to Try on Love Your Pet Day

Love your PET'S DAY

Love your Pets Day

Here is another day to spoil your pet without guilt! National Love Your Pet’s Day falls on February 20th every year, and here is how you can celebrate it with your furry friend. 


Treats always come first! Treat does not have to be limited just to eatables. Give them their favorite treat, bake them a dog-friendly cookie, buy them their favorite toy, and the list goes on. Give your pet something that they will enjoy. And who knows your pet better than you, right? 

Take Them On A Playdate

Quarantine has been challenging for all of us, and our pets are no excuse. Arrange a play-day with your pet’s doggy friend and let them meet up. We assure you it’s going to make their day a lot better. A little warning, though: Take all the necessary precautions and make sure you are in a safe and protected environment. 

Intellectual Stimulation 

If you have a senior dog at home, this is one fun game to try, and it improves their senses. Hide your pet’s favorite things like toys and snacks/treats in different places. Let them use their senses and sniff them out of their own. This is a very simple game but effective. Reward them once they find the hidden items! Try this game and tell us how it went! 

Dress up

If your furry baby is comfortable wearing a coat and shoes, go ahead. Dress up and make them look special because it’s ‘their’ day! Take a bunch of pictures with your pet and share them. If your pet doesn’t like to get dressed, go for shoes. Make them wear dog shoes. Train them on how to walk with shoes because it saves your pet from the summer heat.

Take Them To Spa

This is the best excuse to give your furry friend a makeover. Try a new look, provide them with a massage, or even a little trim!

Bring them to a spa and let the professionals worry about your pet for a few hours.

Finally, you certainly don’t have to do a lot of stuff to make them feel special. ‘Love Your Pet’ Day is to create a bond with your furry baby.

Try these tips and let us know your comments at love@mywaggle.com.


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