Celebrating National Pet Day: Because Your Pooch Deserves the Best!

Did you know that as per a survey, 94% of pet owners said that their furry babies make them smile at least once a day? Apparently, they have been doing so for tens of thousands of years, and the bond continues to withhold the tide of time even today. In fact, as per the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of U.S households have a pet, roughly around 84.9 million homes.


Clearly, the love for pets is nowhere close to diminishing and has, in fact, taken a delightful turn to National Pet Day that is celebrated on 11th April, every year!

Trust us. It is a big deal where pet owners, lovers, and ‘wish I had one’ers come together to appreciate the important role pets play in making lives much sweeter.

Around 15 years ago, Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige, picked up the baton of bringing awareness and attention to animals at home as well as those waiting in pet shelters, waiting for their chance of a forever family. In 2021, the National Pet Day will be on a Sunday, giving pet parents the perfect opportunity to spend time cuddling with their pets.

Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

So you are thinking about how to show how much you appreciate your pooch, this National Pet Day? These ideas might come in handy!

1. Get Pampering

These days it is not difficult to find experts who understand your pet’s grooming and how to fluff them the best to maintain their physical and mental health. This is also a great idea since this is a shedding season for many furry animals, and a trip to the groomers might be the best thing you can gift them this National Pet Day!

2. Soak the Sun

Pets, especially dogs and horses (if you have them), thrive most when left outside to run across large grasslands.

However, if you are a city person and your pooch may not have the option to run across acres of land, a garden with lots of toys and engagement will do just the trick! Pet parks are also a great option, especially during the holiday, where they can run around with their furry buddies while getting fussed over by other pet parents.

Pets do not demand much, and for them, the idea of the perfect holiday is spending time with their favorite hooman and having fun with them.

So pack a picnic and play catch, frisbee or simply tumble around with your pet for the most satisfying holiday.

3. Did Someone Say Treats?

It is, after all, a holiday for your pets! Treat them with their favorite snacks and also add a pinch of something new to amp up their regular diet. Like humans, even pets are likely to grow tired of their existing meals. However, ensure that you don’t go overboard with your love and their food as it may get them sick on the day they were supposed to have fun!

4. Make their Health a Priority

Many veterinary clinics offer discounts on overall health checkups and wellness programs around National Pet Day. This is an excellent opportunity to truly give your pooch the best gift, the gift of health, on this special day and prioritize their well-being above everything else. Once the health checkup is done, a walk to the dog park, the pet store, or a cup of Puppuccino for being a good boi/girl.

P.S – Do not wait for National Pet Days to take your pooch for a health checkup. Schedule monthly appointments and have half-yearly mandatory full body checkups to avoid any unpleasant news.

5. Upgrade their Toys and Safety Gear

A lot of chewing and playing is persistent with toys and safety gear. A regular upgrade here can do a lot of good, ensuring that your pooch does not compromise on fun while you take care of the health factor.

Walk them up to the pet store and allow them to select the plushie that they like. Dogs have that instinct and always know what they want!

6. Have a ‘Pet-Together’

We all have heard of get-togethers, but what about pet-togethers? Keeping in mind the social distancing, you can also celebrate National Pet Day with co-pet parents and organize a small festival for your furry babies where they get to enjoy treats, loads of activities, pool games, and a lot more! It is a great way to meet other pet parents and discuss the best possible measures for your pooch’s well-being.

7. Donate to Animal Welfare

National Pet Day is not only about the lucky floofs with forever homes, but those who deserve their chance for a loving environment as well. If you are unable to adopt a pet, you can always celebrate by either virtually adopting a pooch or donating to animal advocates and welfare organizations.

Virtually adopting a pooch will enable the shelter to take care of the wee animal and ensure that he/she is well-taken care of. You will get regular updates, and one day might have the chance to adopt them for real as well!

Final Takeaway

National Pet Day is a day to create and spread awareness about animals and their roles in our lives. Whether you have adopted them, or fostering them, or thinking of bringing one home, it is important to understand the responsibilities attached.

So how are you planning on celebrating National Pet Day! Will you go to the dog park? Have a ‘pet-together’? Or stay at home cuddling and devouring treats? Anything is fine as long as your pet has fun.

Happy National Pet Day!


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