Celebrate Smol Happiness On National Puppy Day!

National puppy day

Puppies are little angels on earth, with furs instead of wings and tiny barks instead of wands that weave happiness into your life. While we should appreciate these little wonders every day, the National Puppy Day is only about them!

Celebrated on 23rd March every year, the National Puppy Day was conceptualized to bring awareness to these little animals’ health and well-being. While a lot is said about the cuteness factor, this day is about educating first-time pet parents as well as reminding experienced pet owners about puppy habits, their daily routines to improve their immunity, special care for their growth, and of course, their mental as well as physical well-being.

The National Puppy Day sets a precedent for healthy adult dogs who are happy, healthy, and wise.  

In this blog, we will discuss various ways to celebrate national puppy day, spread love, disseminate information about puppy adoption, bring awareness to diabolical puppy mills, and much more.  

Spend Time with Him, For He Thinks You’re His Everything

If you want to know why of all days we celebrate National Puppy Day on this day, you have to read on Colleen Paige. She started the movement in 2006, completely aware of the importance of time spent between humans and canines.

You can spend time with your pup by taking him/her to the dog park, the beach, puppy play areas, long walks, and many more, and trust me, they will be thankful every minute of it.

Its Treats All The Way!

Dog owners know that their pup’s best part is their love for food, and foodies are the best kind to hang with. Treat your pup with their favorite binge food, take them to their favorite pet-friendly restaurant and get ice cream or something they drool over.

Do Things Together

Did you know that puppy therapies in major cities are brought to your home to spend time with you, as long you need it!

You could also take your pup to a doggy spa where they’re treated like royalty, giving them grooming, bath, hair cut, nail trim, clean ears, cologne sprays, and even cucumbers placed on their eyes in a sauna. When you find a facility that offers a doggy spa near you, trust me, this will be more than just a one-time thing. 

Puppy photoshoots are shooting up in popularity as people sometimes love their dogs more than their families, and you could go to exotic locations or to your backyard to snap stunning pictures with your pup.

Say No to Puppy Mills

According to humanesociety.org, a heart-wrenching 2.6 million puppies that are bred in mills are sold annually. These dogs are birthed from inhumane breeding practices where they are locked up in cages and are forced to breed just for money. 

Being aware of this practice and ensuring the dog you’re buying or adopting is not a product of this heartless factory will not only save puppy lives but put the monsters who practice it behind bars. If you come across a puppy mill, raise a complaint with your nearest authorities. 

ASPCA approximates that around 3.3 million dogs enter shelters annually, and some of these are merely weeks old. Fostering, adopting, and feeding stray puppies are the best ways to celebrate national puppy day, and we urge you to adopt a puppy from the shelter rather than purchasing one. Adopting saves a dog that may be put down and discourages puppy mills, and saves you money.

So this National Puppy Day, take time off to train your pup, play with them, foster a snuggle bug, or even hire a therapy puppy to celebrate this lovely day. Your pup does not request a fancy life from you. All it needs are simple pleasures that you can give him/her by simply being present. Because they may be a part of your life, but you are their whole life.


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