Raising a Cat and Dog together

Both cats and dogs are predators, but some dogs think that cats are their food.

Slowly introduce a puppy and a kitten to each other by putting something between them. A baby gate can be used as a screen for small animals.

Don’t worry if the kitten hisses and spits at you at first.

That was her natural response when she met a dog for the first time.

First meetings shouldn’t last more than 10 or 15 minutes, but give the dogs a few days to adjust.

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Bring them together a few times a day for that long time, until they don’t mind being with each other.

Even though it would be nice if they became friends, they could also just ignore each other.

Don’t just leave them alone.

How to Teach Good Behavior

If your puppy lives with a kitten, obedience class is much more crucial.

He needs to learn simple commands like “Come,” “Leave It,” and “Stay.” These will help him act right when he’s around cats of any age.

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A loud “No” and a time-out will educate the puppy not to chase the kitten if the kitten doesn’t do it first with claws or teeth.

Good Management

Cats need a safe place that is just theirs, like a “base camp.”

Keep the dog out of this safe place, but also make sure there are other safe places around the house.

So, the cat can be sure that its dog sibling won’t bother it while it’s on shared territory.

Even if your kitten and puppy get along, don’t leave them alone for at least a few months.

Always feed them separately, and don’t leave one pet’s food out where the other pet can get to it. “A cat will approach the dog’s bowl while the dog is eating or when it is nearby and attempt to eat from it.  The dog will just go crazy on the cat.

You can’t assume that your dog doesn’t guard its food or other resources.

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Also, keep a close eye on the cat’s toys, because fighting can start because the cats want the same things.

“Dogs usually like catnip a lot,”

Pro tip takeaway: Each pet should have a safe space all to himself, away from other animals and the noise of the house.

When you’re sure that your pets will get along, you can start leaving them together for short periods of time.

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Thoughts on Dog Breeds

Most dogs don’t get along well with cats, especially those with a strong desire to hunt.

Even if they’re raised with a cat from the time, they’re 8 weeks old, some breeds’ prey drive can come out and cause tragedy.

If you have cats, think twice before getting a terrier.

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The same is true for dogs with good eyes and for dogs with a lot of energy.

Most non-sporting AKC dogs are like cats, including spaniels and retrievers.

Some examples of these are bulldogs, Keeshonds, Poodles, and Lhasa apsos.


Who said that cats and dogs can’t live together?

It is very possible to raise a puppy and a kitten together. In fact, it is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a pet owner.

If you introduce individuals and control envy and rage, a lovely friendship will grow.

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