Summer Safety Tips

Never Leave Your Pet in Car

Even when it is not hot outside. Most people assume that it is okay to leave their pet in the car if the temperature outside is not deadly. But, that is not the case. It doesn’t have to be that warm outside for a car to become dangerously hot inside.

Use a Pet Monitor to constantly monitor the temperature inside the car.

Hot Pavement

On a sunny day, the pavement heat up really fast. Taking your fido for a walk on such a day can cause burns and blisters in their paws.

Place your palm on the ground, if it is hot for you, then it is definitely hot for your dog.


Dehydration can be a major problem during summer. It occurs when the body loses more fluid than it’s taking in and lead to serious diseases like kidney disease, heatstroke, cancer, and diabetes. 

Keep plenty of fresh water available at all the time. Carry a bottle of water when you take your dog for a walk.

Minimum Exercise

It is recommended to not walk your dog when it is sunny This can cause a lot of health issues like sunburn and heatstroke. Your dog might never say a “No” for a long walk. But, you should!

You can take your dog for a walk during early mornings or late evenings. You can also indulge your pet in Indore activities such as running the stairs and games like tug of war, run & fetch etc.


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