5 Thanksgiving Gifts for Pets and Pet Parents


Complete pet care is not limited to weekly baths and daily exercises. When we aim for holistic pet care, taking care of their health, tuning their surrounding temperature, checking their food habits, and showing them with affection also makes it to the top of the priority list. 

When looking for pawsitive pet care, black Friday or Cyber Monday is the perfect time of the year to get the best deals on the products that guarantee your furry buddy’s overall well-being. 

So without further ado, let us take a look at the must-have pet items you should get this black Friday or cyber Monday for your pooch.

Pet Temperature Monitor

Whether you are traveling with your pet in an RV or snuggling at home for the holidays, it is crucial to ensure that your pet’s environment temperature remains optimum. Holidays, especially in the colder regions, can be brutal on your pooch’s health and often lead to hypothermia. By incorporating a pet monitor temperature in your home or RV, you can keep an eye on the environment and receive alerts if it goes below or beyond the set limit. Waggle’s Pet Temperature Monitor, with its elegant interface, helps you monitor the temperature in your pet’s environment. In case of any discrepancies, you receive immediate alerts via sms/email, and help you take appropriate action. 

Automatic Food Dispenser


The automatic food dispenser is a great product to help you train your pet and ensure timely food management for the furry member. When using an automatic food dispenser, you are free from the hassle of measuring and causing a mess. All you have to do is set up the portions and feed in the time of dispensing. This serves another greater purpose – ensuring your pet’s health. With measured quantities, you are assured that it is not overfed or underfed. It also changes your pet’s habit towards food and you, resorting to less food-related interaction and activities. 

Pet Activity Monitor


Throughout evolution, our pets have been bred by nature to run and engage in physical exercise. It is vital for their physical as well as mental well-being. Just like humans have come to rely on Fitness wristbands for tracking their physical activity and sleep patterns, pet owners too can keep a watchful eye on their furry kids’ activities with the help of Pet Activity Monitors. One such example is Furbit. Like your fitness band, Furbit can be connected to a smartphone, which gives you a detailed insight into your pet’s physical activity, rest period, calories burnt, and recommended steps to make them healthier and happier. Furbit can be attached to your pooch’s collar and by no means hinders their daily activities. Track your pet’s health with fitness and give them the gift of good health.  

Collar and ID Tags


A collar and ID tags are essential to maintain your pet’s identity. Smart collars with exciting designs and name tags are a gift of individuality to your furry baby, with innovative products flooding the market. 

Pet Camera


Pet cameras are no more a luxury but a necessity for your pets – especially if you are dealing with pooches suffering from separation anxiety. Pet cams allow pet parents to keep an eye on their pets while away from home. These cameras offer a high definition and wide-angle view of your pet’s activities, allowing you to reach for damage control when required. Some pet cams can also detect if your pets, especially dogs, are about to make noise. They alert you and offer a medium to talk to them and soothe them. These cams can also detect movements, classifying them as dangerous and regular, thus keeping you informed in case of emergencies and alerts. 

Our pet babies deserve all the care in the world and what can be better than the sale festival of Black Friday to give them the gift of health, safety, and protection. These gifts ensure that your pooches are not only happy but feel connected to you as well, knowing that you are there for them. 

This Thanksgiving, show them you are thankful for their presence in your life.

Happy Holidays!


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