What are the Best New RV models of 2022?

The year 2022 is well underway, and the demand for new RVs remains strong. For campers looking for the best RVs, this blog includes some of the newest RVs that we really like. Of course, deciding what is the best RV brand is a matter of personal taste, style, and your RVing needs. These latest RV models are ones that we believe are among the best RV options that are new in 2022.

Best Class A RV

  • Entegra Cornerstone

The six floor-plan options of the Entegra Cornerstone Class A RV are similar in that they offer a front living area, kitchen and bathroom in the middle, and a bedroom at the rear of the unit. There are a variety of upgrades that you can make, as well as 3 luxury décor options with modern finishes and designs.

This RV has a powerful Cummins® 15-liter X15 turbocharged 605 HP engine, a collision-avoidance system, and blind-spot monitoring from a technical standpoint.

  • Tiffin Zephyr

The Tiffin Zephyr is a luxurious Class A motorcoach. Described by Tiffin as the flagship of their lineup, this RV has plenty of space for you to live your life on the road in luxury. Featuring two bathrooms, dual sinks in the master bath, a spacious area for entertaining, and a dinette that doubles as a workspace.

There is plenty of room to put your large dog’s bed at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom, a must for dog owners. We love the modern, neutral but luxurious finishes that are found in these new RVs.

Best Class B RV

  • Airstream Interstate 19 Touring Coach

The iconic Airstream brand offers a touring coach with everything that you need for comfortable van life. You can your dog can snuggle up after you fold out the rear sofa and seats to create one sleeping platform across the entire back of the van.

The European style bathroom gives you a place to shower, and the small 2 burner cooktop means that you can enjoy a meal even if the weather outside is not cooperating.

  • Leisure Travel Van Unity Luxury Class B RV

Luxury meets van life in the Leisure Travel Van. These luxurious vans are perfect for solo travelers or couples who want the ease of traveling in a van with modern comforts like a bed, toilet and sink, a TV area, and even a shower depending on the model. Built on the Ford Transit chassis, this van is as dependable as it is luxurious.

Best Class C RV

  • Winnebago Minnie Winnie

This iconic Class C RV comes in 6 different floor plans. We are partial to plans 25B or 31H, as there is space on the floor so that you can put your dog’s bed near your own bed at night. This Class C unit is built on a Ford 350 chassis with a 7.3L V8 Premium engine.

  • Gulfstream Conquest Class C 6238

The Gulfstream Conquest Class C RV comes in 10 different family-friendly floor plans. If you are traveling with pets, we like plan 6238. This unit has a large space for dogs to lay and nap on the floor when spending time inside while still giving the parents some privacy from the path to the bathroom.

Best Travel Trailer RV

  • Keystone Outback 221UMD

The Keystone Outback 221UMD caught our eye for a very specific niche of RVer: campers in need of an ultralight travel trailer with one or more large dogs. This open-concept travel trailer comes with a built-in pet kennel for small dogs under the bed.

However, because it does not have walls blocking the bed from the rest of the camper, you can toss your pet’s bed at the foot of your bed and have them in the same room as you when you are sleeping. The large floor space in this unit gives you room to place a large kennel should you need to leave them unattended for brief periods of time.

  • Heartland North Trail Ultralight 33BHDS

When traveling with a large family of kids or multiple pets, a bunkhouse floor plan is a great option. The Heartland North Trail Ultralight provides luxurious interiors and finishes while accommodating 4 bunks in the communal sleeping area.

Parents will enjoy the king-sized gel-infused mattress and the on-trend décor.  Everyone will be happy to have USB port accessibility in these newest RVs.

Best 5th Wheel RVs

  • Keystone Cougar 357UMR

The Keystone Cougar 357UMR is a great option for pet owners, parents, or anyone who loves to get dirty in the outdoors. The UMR in this new RV model name stands for Utility Mudroom and has a separate entrance directly into a mudroom equipped with a pet-friendly utility shower, washer/dryer, and a small pantry where you can keep supplies to wash your muddy pets and humans.

  • Grand Design Solitude 380FL / 380FL-R

Grand Design calls their Luxury 5th Wheel Solitude model the most spacious 5th wheel ever built. We love the 380FL model for full-time RVers or anyone who wants the luxuries of home. The 380FL model features dual sinks in the master bath, a second bathroom off the kitchen, a full-sized residential fridge, and a luxurious entertainment area with two sofas and theater seating.

Will RV Prices Go Down in 2022?

Industry experts do not believe that RV prices will go down in 2022. A report by the RV Industry Association predicts that 2022 will be the second-highest year for RV sales, just slightly behind 2021. With a high demand for RVs continuing, the retail price would most likely stay the same or increase.

Depending on the behavior of new RV owners who purchased campers during the pandemic, there could be an increase in used RVs for sale. If those new RV owners choose to return to other forms of travel, buyers could find a supply of one- and two-year-old RVs for sale.

RV Pet Monitor

If you love road tripping with your fur baby, then a pet monitor like Waggle should be among your must-have RV gadgets and gizmos. When traveling with your pet, there are places where you may be required to leave your furry sidekick in the RV.

But even with the windows open, a parked RV can quickly become a furnace on a hot day, and overheating can kill your playful best friend. Fortunately, a pet temperature monitor alerts you when the temp and humidity inside the rig are unsafe for your pet, allowing you to take action swiftly.



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