What does being a responsible pet owner mean?

As we are already into February, the month of love, do you know it is also the Responsible Pet Owners Month? When you think about responsible pet ownership what comes to your mind? Being a responsible pet parent, taking good care of them or taking them to the vet for regular check-ups?

The answer to all the above questions is ‘yes’ and more. Here are some of the ways by which you can observe the Responsible Pet Owners Month.

1)   Do the needed research

Before adopting a pet, do proper research on the type of breed you are adopting. How to take care of them, how to satisfy their everyday needs, and whether or not you could afford them. These are all some of the serious questions you should ask yourself because adopting a pet is like having another family member. They need care and affection.

2)   Make your home pet-proof

If you haven’t done it yet, this month is the perfect opportunity to pet-proof your home. Many pet owners do not realize the hidden dangers that are present inside their own home. Dogs are curious creatures and they love to explore, so make sure there are no harmful substances that are lying around or within the reach that could potentially harm your furry bestie. Do a little research on household products, plants, food, and other everyday objects that could be a hazard and make a conscious effort to remove them.

3)   Take them to the vet

This is a given. Take them to the vet at least twice a year to get them checked up. Apart from treating them, a visit to the vet can give you an idea about your pet’s overall health. The vet can also help you in providing the proper diet, exercise routine and living environment. If the visit is pending for a while, this is the perfect opportunity.

4)   Provide them proper diet

Consult a vet and make sure you are giving them proper food filled with nutrients throughout the day. A well-balanced diet plays an important role in keeping your pet energetic and happy.

5)   Respect their feelings

Pets feel emotions too, sometimes more than humans. It is important to remember that they too feel sad, hungry, happy, and a few hundred other emotions. They are a lifetime commitment and responsibility; not a toy or an accessory that you can discard if bored.

The Responsible Pet Owners Month is here to remind you of your responsibility as a pet parent and also to spread awareness about animal abuse. Countless animals get abused in their own homes every day and it needs to be stopped. 

Make sure to practice better, responsible pet parenting and help spread awareness by sharing this article. Cheers!


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