Why Jennifer Bell believes that every professional dog handler should have the Waggle Temperature Monitor?

Jennifer Bell, an experienced and well trusted professional dog handler for 10 years from Louisiana is dedicated about caring for her dogs and their well-being. As she is frequently on the road, traveling to shows with her dogs in the van, she would never leave the dogs inside the van even when she wanted to get something to eat. She says, “You learn very quickly how the temperature inside the van can get too hot or cold and uncomfortable for the dogs.”  At night time, she had to either leave them at the dog show site or bring them back in the hotel room. Leaving them at the site was very difficult for her as they were not close by and bringing them inside the hotel also had its challenges as it robbed her from getting a good night’s sleep after a long exhausting day.

Getting the Waggle Temperature Monitor has been a life changer according to Jennifer. She says, “Everything that we do with the dogs changed since I got the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor.”  Now while traveling, she can get a good night’s rest in the hotel knowing her dogs are relaxed in the van outside. It enables her to stop at restaurants and unwind during hectic shows, confident that her dogs are safe and comfortable in her locked van, which she sometimes leaves running so that the air conditioner can be on. Typically, she sets the monitor’s high threshold to be 72 degrees based on the breed of her dogs, as they start panting beyond that. Knowing that she would get instant alerts on her cell phone when the temperature goes beyond her set threshold limits, gives her tremendous peace of mind.

Jennifer enthusiastically states, “My favorite benefit apart from the obvious peace of mind is the product’s ease of use. It is so amazing that it works inside any vehicle that I place it in, even when the vehicle has no electric outlet!”  She loves recommending the Temperature Monitor to her friends and to others at dog shows and there is a reason for this. She personally knows of three instances in the past 8 years, where professional handlers have lost dogs due to heatstroke in motor homes and kennels. Jennifer passionately says, “Everyone who is a professional dog handler should have a temperature monitor”. 


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