Why should you walk your Pet?

You must have taken a resolution this year to spend more time with your pet. Wondering how to stick to your resolutions this year? ‘Walking your pet’ could be the best way. Studies on pets say walking a dog is healthy for both you and your pet. The health benefits of a walk every day with the pet is comparable to giving up smoking!

Walking is not just exercise. It also creates a strong emotional bond between you and your furry family member. Here are some of the benefits of walking your dog every day:

Improves Physical Health

Over 40% of the pets in the US are obese or overweight. Walking your dog for at least 30 minutes a day can make her shed her weight by 15%. And as a bonus, you get to reduce your weight by 5%. This means your dog becomes 3 times healthier and you get to be in great shape as well.

It’s cardio for your dogs

Cardio workout is a must if you are planning to become fit. It increases the heartbeat rate and this is true for your pet as well. Turn your walking sessions into a cardio workout for you and your pets.

This also improves the dog’s digestive tract and the cardiovascular system works best with regular high-intensity walking sessions. This even reduces the risk of arthritis, diabetes in pets. Healthy pets live a couple of years longer than overweight and obese pets.

Improves mental strength

Pets are adventurous by nature. Going to new places helps in stimulating your pet’s mind cells. It also reduces frizzy behavior like chewing inappropriate objects, digging backyards and excessive barking. This behavior in dogs is common when they are mentally weak. Walking the dog daily and taking outdoor adventurous trips once in a way can make them mentally strong.

Makes your pet social

Your four-legged friend can make friends during his daily walks. Your pet can learn many things by interacting with other pets. Your pet will quickly learn how to respond to situations and can be comfortable in any environment. Walking your pet also helps avoid your pet feeling lonely at home. Talking about pets being home alone, you should not miss the movie “The Secret Life Of Pets”. It is really hilarious.

Create a bond

Regular walks with pets can bring balance to life and strengthen your relationship. It creates a great bond between you and your pet.

How often should you walk your pet?

This cannot be generalized for all dogs. This depends on many factors like your dog’s breed, health, age, and eating habits.

The basic rule of thumb for any dog is at least 30 minutes of walk a day. But this is not sufficient for certain active and/or giant breeds. On the other hand, it could be too much for the smaller breed dogs. Follow your pet’s clues and adjust your walking duration.


To sum up, your dog’s health and wellbeing are in your hands. The moment you adopted a pet, you are responsible for their health and wellbeing. Moreover, Pets are like children and they like to explore the outdoors. If they are kept at home it can make them depressed or aggressive.

So what you are waiting for? Start walking your dog right from today. Share your experiences with us. We are waiting.


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