Women’s Pawsome Friend

Women's Day
We all have heard the saying, how a dog can be “Man’s best friend”. Let’s talk about why a dog can be a women’s best friend too on this International Women’s Day.
Many celebrities from Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton to the famous Jenner sisters all have repeatedly talked about how owning a pet has changed their lives for the better. And it is true, owning a pet does change people’s lives for the better as they add a little bit of spark to our mundane life. We go from caring for ourselves to caring for another life. As a woman, we tend to play multiple roles in this society, from being a mom to running a business and it can get stressful. And we may often wonder if getting a dog and caring for them may add to the stress but many successful women like Oprah attribute their success to her dog’s companionship. Let’s see how we can turn this Women’s Day wondrous with furry kids.


According to studies, owning a dog can have a positive effect on your psychology. Dogs can help deal with mental health problems like anxiety and depression, reduce stress, and even lower the rate of heart diseases, heart attacks, etc.  Playing with your dog can increase the level of happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin in our body which in turn boosts our self-esteem and reduce loneliness. Dog owners above the age of 65 make fewer visits to hospitals than people without dogs.

Dogs not only help to improve your mental health, but they can also help in improving your physical health and even your social circle. Since taking your dogs out on walks and playing with them cannot be avoided; you are getting at least 30-minutes of exercise every day just playing with your dog. On top of this, a person who owns a dog projects an image of a trustworthy person, which in turn sparks new friendships.


We all are different and so is our dog. Some breeds can suit our personality better than others. According to ranker.com, below are the top five breeds ranked by women who own dogs.

1)  Golden Retriever

The golden retrievers rank number one on the chart for obvious reasons. They are not only beautiful but are friendly and trust-worthy dogs who can melt anybody’s heart. They are also great with children and make a good family pet.

2) Labrador Retriever

The Labrador takes second place on the chart closely to its retriever cousin. With strong jaws, thick coats, and kind, friendly eyes these dogs make great companions. They are active, friendly, and are very loyal to their owners.

3) Collie

The Collies are the friendliest and out-going dogs you will ever come across. They are very intelligent dogs and have to be trained well to keep them in check.

4) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They are classified as lap and are always happy, loving, and playful. They are also known as comfort dogs who is easygoing, trustworthy, and friendly to everyone he meets.

5) American Eskimo Dog

They are playful, perky, and smart. They are friendly with other dogs, children, and even cats. They make a good apartment dog but tend to get stressed when the owner is not around. So it is important to give them a lot of attention.

In today’s time where the world demands a lot from women or even a person in general, a dog or any pet for that matter is an antidote to the harsh reality. To conclude why a dog can be a women’s best friend, let’s read a quote from Oprah about her dog, “One of my greatest teachers is my dog, Sophie. Now Sophie lived for 13 years and came to work with me every day. I will have to say I had deep love and affection for my little Sophie girl. And it wasn’t until she passed away that I really understood the depth of my love for her because I learned … that there are big souls and little souls. Sophie was a little soul but had a great impact on my life. And when I lost her is when I realized that nobody on earth had ever loved me like that little dog.”

Waggle wishes a Happy Women’s Day for all the altruistic women out there. Shine on… Not just today, but every day!

Happy Women’s Day 2021!


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