5 Best New Year Resolutions for Pet Owners


The new year is near, and many have planned out resolutions. Here are some New Year resolutions suggestions for responsible pet parents to help you bond more with your pet and care for your pet’s health and wellness.

1. Pet Health and Wellness

First, plan out a health calendar. Regular check-ups and preventive care make you catch any health issues in the early stage.

Did you know that your pet is sensitive to the temperature around? Yes, they are! Leaving them all alone can be stressful. But what if we say you can monitor the environment temperature all the time via your smartphone even if you are away from your pet? The solution is Waggle Pet Monitor. It can be your first resolution for 2022. 

2. Feed your pet only the best

We are what we eat and so do our pets! So feed only the best to your beloved four-legged friend. Do not feed any food, which turns toxic to your pet. Always feed only nutritious and dog-friendly food in the right quantity. This can help your fido grow healthier and happier.

3. Exercise with dog

Are you exercising your pet enough? Well, throwing a ball and commanding your dog to get it is a good play but not enough, though. It is always good to have routine exercise checklists. Here are a few suggestions to fix a routine to keep your pet healthy and make your workout enjoyable.

4. Plan a trip

Whatever the reason you missed your trip last year, make sure you plan an adventurous road trip this 2022 with your four-legged friend. Here are our tips to make your road trip with pets stress-free.

5. Learn your pet’s body language

When you expect your pet to understand your body language and do what you say, why cannot we do the same? Try our pet love meter today to know how much you love your pet. Understanding your pet will improve your bonding with them and make the training easier.

New Year Resolutions are responsibilities too! 

Leaving your fur kids alone for a more extended period can cause separation anxiety in them. Also, the unstable temperature changes are hazardous to dogs and can bring unexpected alarms! To avoid these challenging phases, try WaggleCam to connect with your pet all day long and Waggle Pet Monitor to check the temperature for every season around and secure your pet. 

Cheers, 2022!


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