How much should you feed your pet?

Pet Food 

Every pet owner has the question ‘how much food is enough for my pet’. There is no “one size fits all” answer to but this article looks at the most common scenarios.

“How much” you serve your pet is as much important as ‘what’ you serve. The food should be nutrition rich and in small quantities. The nutrition requirements varies from dog to dog and depends on your pet’s breed, size, age, metabolism and physical activity.

It is obvious that adult pets need more calories. But many forget to feed their pets with protein and fats every single day. Protein helps in building your pets muscles.

Rule of thumb

There is a lot of math on calculating the number of calories needed. But as a rule of thumb, you can go based on your pet’s body weight. Your pet needs 30 calories for every pound of its weight. Lets say, your pet weighs 10 lbs, then it needs roughly 300 calories (30 x 10) per day. If your pet is very active, you can feed an extra 100 to 200 calories.

Feeding your pet according to his age


Generally, puppies are weaned off from mother’s milk after 2 months. If the puppy is separated before 8 weeks, it’s important to feed formulated foods designed for puppies. However, after 2 months puppies must be fed with solid food. Start with wet foods or if you are using a formulated food, go for trusted brands. But consult a vet before starting solid food to your pet. This will help you feed a balanced pet food for your puppy.


If your pet is 1 year old, it’s an adult! The dietary requirement increases each month depending on the season. Also, this is the ideal time to start training your pet. Feed your adult pet with meat and fresh vegetables. Feed the food formulated for adults when you are feeding adult pets. When feeding meat makes sure they don’t make your pet’s gut toxic.


They are less active hence need highly nutritious food but in less quantities. Senior pets need more mental activity than physical. Learn how to keep them engaged and sharp. By this time you will know what is your pet’s favourite food. Serve that more and keep him happy- senior pets need more care and complete attention.

What is important?

Ultimately, how much to feed your pet depends on the ‘quality’. There is no perfect answer to this question. But a single serving of nutritious rich food will not make your pet hungry for 6 hours. Get help from a vet and design a food chart for your pet. This could also be the best option if you don’t want to figure it out all yourself.


Water is very important for all pets. Keep a bowl of fresh drinking water accessible to your pet. Less water intake particularly during summer increases the chance of Dehydraion and heatstrokes. Keep them in a comfortable environment. Monitor your pet even when you’re away. Monitoring your pet’s environment temperature all time keeps you alerted and gives peace of mind.

Hope you are now better informed on feeding your pets. We always love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and comments below.


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