Cooking for Your Dog? These 7 Foods Are Toxic!

There is no festive season without family gatherings. When there are family or guest crows, there are more foods to munch on. It could be hard to pay extra attention to your four-legged friends in these busy gatherings. Festive brings so much joy but some dangers in store for your pets. You have to keep in mind what to feed and not to feed your pet during the festive. Let’s see the 7 toxic thanksgiving foods for your dogs.

You should avoid these 7 toxic thanksgiving foods for pets

1. Onion and Garlic

The main ingredients used in preparing meat. Onion and garlic are very good for humans but not for your four-legged friend. These make your dog’s gut very toxic. Know why? Onion and garlic damage the red blood cells of the dog.  It even causes anemia instantly when fed even in a small amount. If you are planning to serve turkey for your dog, cook it for your dog separately. You know why!

2. Cooked Bones

Cooked bones could be tasty but are dangerous for your dog. These bones of turkey or any meat when eaten by your dog, will splinter in the throat.  It’s always better not to leave any cooked bones and food around your dog. It’s common for some pets to have food from your plate but train them not to do this. Training your dog is very important and know why it’s important.

3. Dry Fruits

If you have thought that dry fruits are very healthy for your dog, erase it, please! Especially macadamia nuts and walnuts are very toxic to dogs. They can lead to deadly shocks within minutes.  If your dog eats nuts, there could be symptoms of vomiting, inability to stand, and tremors. Rush to the vet if you have any symptoms.

4. Sage

The famous seasoning used in marinating turkey or any meat. It is toxic because of the essential oil content present in it. This causes stomach upset in dogs and indigestion which makes the dog very cranky for hours. This may disturb your Thanksgiving celebrations totally.

5. Chocolate

Be it dark or white chocolate, the substance called theobromine in chocolate causes diarrhea, vomiting, and water retention and makes the dog very toxic. This sometimes leads to death.

6. Alcohol

As the guests come in and it’s party time, drinks will be open in every nook and corner of the house. But keep them away from pets because alcohol affects the central nervous system directly. And you know what happens next!

7. Turkey Skin

Lastly, the dish of the day, turkey can be served to furry friends for sure but in moderation! This bird’s bones are soft and as said earlier, cooked bones should not be served to dogs, the meat of the bird can be served to the pet (without turkey skin).

Bonus tips

  • Beware of Festive decors – Keep pets away from flowers, potpourri, and candles.
  • Take out the trash – Clean up the trash quickly. Its smell can entice your pet to knock it over.
  • Guest – Instruct your guests not to feed table scraps.
  • Have an eye on your kids – Children might disturb or fear your pet by shouting near its ears, climbing on them, pulling tails, etc.

It could be even better if you make yourself happy and relaxed with a lot of play treats before you start preparing for the day. Tell us what you will do on this day to make sure you Keep your pet comfortable and safe!


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