3 Best Ways To Keep Your Senior Dogs Sharp

It is very good to be active and sharp as we grow old, same way pets too. As pets grow old they become stiff and mentally weak. 15 minutes of a walk for a senior pet is okay but they need more attention and activities than the younger ones. The most common symptoms in senior dogs are fatigue, tight muscles, and stiff body. Here are the best three ways to keep the senior pets engaged and mentally sharp. It is not much complicated but needs time.

3 tip to senior pets to make them sharp mentally

    1. Short walks

      Don’t forget every dog need to work out but for senior dogs, they need short walks. Get out and sniff! Many of the dogs like to play in bushy gardens, let them go around sniffing around each bush and tree. They can be very slow but they enjoy!

    2. Puzzle toys

      We often give these toys to the younger and the tiny ones at home but these are very helpful to the senior pets. Senior pets easily give up puzzles after some time, hence make it interesting and give easy puzzles. Include treats and surprise your lovely pets so that they solve more puzzles to get the treats as well. Incorporate food with the treats so they try to eat. There are a number of such treats for pets online too, choose one for your friend.

  1. Training clubs

    There are some senior dog training clubs which give activities that are specially designed for them. They might sound funny but they are interesting and worth it, so find a club near you and put your dog there when you are at work. Pet surely enjoys seeing other senior dogs.

Many pet owners forget to play with the senior pets but playing with them for a few seconds and getting them tail wag matters a lot. Senior dogs aren’t the same as younger ones but need more attention and care. Go ahead and try all the ways to keep them engaging and sharp. Don’t forget our best 3 tricks of keeping pets engaged and sharp to see the difference in the pet’s behavior.

Above all, you need to monitor your senior pet’s environment temperature also to make sure it does not suffers heatstroke. Getting a pet temperature monitor can help you in avoiding heatstroke.


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