Are you walking your dog right?

Dogs love going for walks no matter how old they are. It allows them to go out and explore. Just like humans, dogs do need a break from their routine life and going out on walks helps them relieve stress and get fresh air.

Walking has also proven to have increased the bond between the owner and the pet. It is a good exercise to take your dog out on a walk when they are bored. This not only kills their boredom but also increases their love for you.

Here are a few things that you must know before taking your dog out on a walk.

How to prepare your dog for a walk?

Have a fixed time to walk your dog

What worries most of the pet parents is finding the right time to walk their dog. Walking your dog is as important as anything else that you do in a day. Make sure that you have a fixed time to walk your dog. This ensures that there is a balance in your dog’s metabolic rate.

Also, when you make this a routine, you will not skip out on it. This will turn out as a benefit for both you and your dog. If you are someone who has limited physical activities, taking your dog out on a walk is a chance for you to sweat out as well.

Have a fixed distance and route

Have about 2-3 routes and make sure that you walk your dog in the same route. This will allow you and your dog to make friends. As a pet parent, you must know how far your dog can walk. Make sure that you adhere to it. In case your dog does not want to walk or sits down while walking, chances are that they have a problem in their legs. Visit a Vet immediately. Problems such as socket articulation disorder can be treated if identified earlier.

Do not force your dog if he does not walk. Dogs love walking, if they do not want to walk, it means that they are either cranky or something is not right in their body.

Find the right kind of harness

The harness that you use to walk your dog is very important. This determines how comfortable both you and your dog are going to be while walking. A harness gives you the complete control over your dog. A lot of dog parents prefer using a harness over a collar as it does not strain the dog’s neck. Using a collar renders a force at the back of the neck when the dog walks forward causing Ocular Proptosis. It also helps in breaking the pulling habit.

There are different types of the harness that are available.

  • Front clip harness
  • Back clip harness
  • Head Collar harness

Carry poop bags

As a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure that you leave no traces. Get a bag holder that you can attach to your dog’s leash or stuff a few covers in your pocket before going for a walk. Pick up the poop and deposit the filled bags in the dustbin. Keeping the neighborhood clean is our responsibility as well.

Carry water for your pet

This is a must when you are walking your dog during summer. Dogs often get tired and dehydrated when they walk for a long time. Make sure that you carry enough water and in case you feel that your pooch is getting dehydrated, stop and make him/her drink the water immediately.

Carry essentials

Depending on the season your essentials to walk your dog will vary. When it is summer, it is best to walk your dog in the evenings. Check the heat on the floor before you start walking. The best way to check that is to put your palm on the floor and see how hot it is. If it is hot for you then it is hot for your dog as well. Talk to your Vet and get cooling pads for your dog’s paws if you live in a high-temperature zone.

During winter, make sure that you fully clothed your dog with shoes and sweaters before you take him/her out.

Ask before you let your dog make friends

Do not assume that every dog you meet will be as friendly as your dog. Make sure that you ask the fellow pet owner the nature of their dog before you let yours make contact with them. If either of the dogs show signs that are not comfortable, retreat immediately.

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