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Summer is a time of outdoor fun, sunshine, cookouts, camping, and water sports. Despite the joy that summer brings, it can also be an extremely dangerous time of year for both dogs and humans.

Eight puppies and their mommy spotted various heat distress in West Houston last Wednesday. Five puppies died, and the other pups with their mother dog were transported to Houston’s SPCA’s Animal Medical Center.

Despite tons of blogs and videos available across social media about the dangers of excessive heat, many dogs are put into situations in which they experience heat exhaustion and heatstroke. All too often, these situations lead to death even though they are preventable.  It is a painful, miserable, and unfair fate for these furry companions who are unable to control where their owners take them.

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Waggle is on a Mission to Protect Pets from Dangerous Temperatures

We chose to adapt our expertise and technology to help Pet parents monitor the temperature of their campers and RV rigs and save the lives of pets everywhere.

Over the years, we have updated our original design and improved it a lot with Pet Monitor GPS and Lite versions. By offering two different temperature sensing monitors, we help more than 30K pet parents who travel in an RV to have peace of mind that their pets are experiencing safe temperatures if they must leave their pets alone.

Helping Pet Parents Avert Risk through Warning Messages

In order to give a broader picture of just how many pets we have helped, we pulled some data from 2021 to 2022.

Almost 7,32,835 alerts were sent to let pet parents know that the temperature in their RV or vehicle had gone above or below the designated safe temperature that they set up.

Over half of the alerts that were sent to warn pet parents of dangerously hot environments happened during the summer months. We are so honored that so many pet parents have trusted us to monitor the safety of their pet’s environment.

Overall, our customers averted an average of 1 risk incident every week.

A risk incident is a situation that when left unattended, can lead to heatstroke/frostbite in dogs that may prove fatal. According to our data, during every travel week, there is a 1 in 4 chance of your dog or cat facing a risk incident involving inhospitable temperatures while in your RV unit. Although temperatures in an RV do not rise quite as quickly as in a closed car, a loss of power or an air conditioner that stops working can quickly become deadly.

Best Practices for Setting Up Your Pet Monitor Alerts

Because conditions can change rapidly, the Pet Monitor allows you to create alerts to let you know if there is any temperature excursion or if your RV loses power. The unit is continually monitoring the temperature in real-time, as well as the humidity, the heat index, and the device’s location, and Geofence.

Install Pet Monitoring App: Android & iOS

Using the Waggle Pet App, set the maximum temperature alert close to the temperature at which you typically keep your RV. It is best to catch a change in temperature early to allow time to return to your camper to tend to your pet.

For example, if you keep your RV at 75 degrees, set up an alert if the temperature reaches 70 degrees, with the assumption that by the time you return to your camper, it may be higher than that.

On dangerously hot days, it is recommended that you stay near your RV with your pet as much as possible or take your dog with you – assuming your destination is a safe temperature for your pet – even with a reliable pet monitoring system in place.

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