Stay Vigilant. Do Not Let This Happen To Your Dog This Summer

USA heatwave news

This is what the headlines are about in the last few weeks.

Heatwaves have reached catastrophic levels and are expected to rise for the next couple of months in most parts of the United States. Hundreds of people have already succumbed to this. 

Well, If we humans with so much technology and awareness are helpless against nature’s wrath, Think of our fur babies!

Yes. Our furry friends are far more vulnerable than humans to this heatwave. They suffer from heatstroke, and if not checked on time, they can prove fatal.

Dog This Summer

We at Waggle are on a mission to save pets from Heat stroke and every other heat-related problem!  We are passionate about pet comfort and safety, and our vision is to keep every pet comfortable and safe, comfortable and get the love & care they so much deserve.

And that is why we came up with the Waggle Pet Monitor. Our Waggle Pet Monitor keeps your pet comfortable, safe & healthy 24×7.  You can learn more about the Waggle Pet Monitor here


This sizzling summer, do not leave your dogs in RV/Car/Home without the proper protection offered by the Waggle Pet Monitor. Waggle can monitor your dog’s environment temperature and heat index every second and instantly alert you via Text, App, and email if the temperature reaches dangerous levels.

With Waggle, you don’t have to depend on WiFi anymore as our Pet Monitors comes with a built-in Verizon 4G cellular connection that works all around the US.

And that means you are covered wherever your love for nature takes you! And with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 days, Waggle Pet Monitor works even when there is no power in your RV/Home/Trailer/Car.

Other than Temperature, Waggle Pet Monitor also alerts you on humidity changes, no network, low battery, and even when your RV/Home loses and gets back power.

Waggle provides utmost safety & comfort for your pet and absolute peace of mind for you!



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