Why Should Your Travel Kit Include Waggle Pet Monitor?


If you are a pet parent, you know it better than anyone that your furry buddy requires a lot of attention and care, especially if you prefer being on the road. From snowy roads to blazing, your pets are susceptible to temperature changes that can wreak havoc on their health. 

In order to make your pet-inclusive trip pet-friendly, we suggest you start with adding the Waggle Pet Monitor to your travel kit and get the much-coveted peace of mind to make this trip memorable!

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons why you should include the Waggle Pet Monitor in your travel kit. Let’s rev up those engines and get started.

1. Temperature Sensor for the RV/Car

Since we are talking about multiple terrains and locations in an RV or a car, it is important to note that the temperature of these places might not be similar to your home ground, the region your pet is most familiar with. 

To ensure that the temperature remains appropriate for your pet, you need to track it constantly. The Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor helps you do just that! 

Once installed, the Monitor will assess the temperature of the vehicle and send you alerts via SMS and Email. This ensures that even if you cannot acquire the data connection, you are still abreast of the situation back in your vehicle. The Pet Monitor also sends alerts in case of a power outage which often happens due to heat in RVs. 

This device can help you to have an eye on your furry buddies if they are staying back in the cars and RVs for an extended time.

2. Humidity sensor 

Summers are difficult for pets, with the constant rise in temperature and their bodies heating up constantly. However, humidity is an even bigger challenge for them. Dogs pant to get rid of moisture, but the extra level of water content in the air makes this process even more difficult. 

The Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor has a humidity index that tracks the moisture levels in your vehicle and keeps you updated about the ambient temperature. With instant Alerts and constant tracking, you can save your pet from irreversible damage due to heat. 

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3. Easy to Install and Register

Unlike the popular trend, the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor is not difficult to install. All you have to do is fit the monitor in the grove that comes along with it, peel the protective layer at the back and stick it to a flat surface. 

Once installed, register with your details on the Waggle App.

Your RVs and cars are subjected to a rise and dip in the mercury. This can either lead to heat strokes or frostbites if not monitored among your pets. Fluctuating temperatures can lead to fatal consequences like permanent organ damage due to heat or artery and tissue blocks by freezing temperatures. 

Waggle Pet Monitor helps RV travelers and pet parents maintain the ambient temperatures for their pooches.

5. GPS Tracking

While traveling, it is crucial to have the location tracked at all times. The in-built GPS tracker in the Waggle Pet Monitor allows you to keep an eye on your pet’s location even as you step away from the RV or car with the help of the Waggle App.

6. iOS and Android Compatibility

Whether you are an iOS user or prefer android, the Waggle App works on every platform. This flexibility allows you to use the Waggle Pet Monitor irrespective of your operating system preferences.

7. Rechargeable Battery

It is tough being on the road 24/7. While many devices get discharged, the Waggle Pet Monitor has a rechargeable battery with power lasting for almost four days.

8. Geofence Safeguard

Leaving RV in a parking or camping grounds and staying away for long is quite anxious! Pet Monitor comes with the feature Geofence, which lets you set a radius around your RV for up to 10 miles. You can receive alerts if your RV moves out of the virtual fence. This absolutely helps to protect RVs from theft.

Final Takeaway

With Waggle Pet Monitor, you and your pooch are ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime! Get Waggle today and give your pet the gift of safety, and yourself, peace of mind. 

Stay alert, not alarmed, with Waggle.


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