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Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Rachel Louise Langley, 28, for allegedly leaving her dog tethered outside in 102-degree heat until it died. On May 13, 2022, the officers found the dog without food, water, or shade.

– CBS News

The death of our loved ones is always tragic, particularly our furry pals. They are more than just our travel companions and love us unconditionally. Ever since the summer started, the hot weather has claimed the lives of several unattended dogs across the US. What’s even more disappointing is that this has become a recurring trend every year despite all the awareness efforts by both government and pet lover community.

Brittany Martin of Amesbury, dropped her four-year-old dog Mikah, off at Nose to Nub kennel in Salisbury. After four days of stay in the kennel, her pet turned unconscious and unresponsive. Even before rushing to the emergency vet, her dearest pet passed away and vets reported it due to heatstroke. She says her story will inspire others to research where they send their dogs and to check in regularly on the dogs when away. 

Dogs left unattended inside parked cars is one of the major causes of this misfortune. The temperature inside a parked car rises at speed of light, almost. It can rise almost 30º F in just 20 minutes. Also, it doesn’t have to be sweltering hot for a dog to suffer heatstroke, even a temperature as low as 71.6°F outside can be 116.6°F inside the car just in an hour.

What RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) claims is even more SHOCKING. They say that JUST SIX MINUTES(1) is all it takes for a dog to die in a hot car.

Colleen Meyer, Brooksville, Fl, wouldn’t have expected that she would be arrested for leaving her dogs and puppies with no A/C, food, or water in her trailer. The Hernando county deputies and animal enforcement officers rescued three pit-bull mix dogs and eight puppies from the trailer and arrested the owner for nine counts of animal cruelty. Officers said the dogs were emaciated and the puppies were soaked in sweat and warm to the touch. Even one of the officers became sick from heat exhaustion as the temperature inside the trailer was at 108 degrees, despite it being left open for 30 minutes.

A year back in Missouri, two dogs lost their lives to a hot car while their owner attended a lecture for aspiring dog trainers. The owner left her Labrador retriever and a German shepherd with the full air conditioning running. When she returned at around 3 pm after the hour-long lecture found both her furry kids dead amid 90-degree heat.Appears the car may have run out of gas during the lecture,” Tom Rose, owner of The Tom Rose School. “It was just a terrible accident,” Rose said.

It’s not just with this one place, but all over the country. In a different incident that took place in Clearwater, FL, a 2-year-old mixed breed named Biscuit, died of heatstroke after being left inside a car by his owner. Jeffrey Hazen moved from Georgia to Clearwater with his dog and a cat, and went straight to work at a local hospital. He said he left his car engine running and the air conditioning on and left the doors locked. When he returned from his work, he found his car was not running, and his dog was dead inside.

At the cost of lives, these incidents strongly convey that any cooling technology could possibly go wrong at times and cannot guarantee our pet’s complete safety without continuous monitoring.

These could have been easily avoided had the pet owners followed a few simple safety precautions.

We, at Waggle, are passionate about pet protection and try to help reduce these kinds of incidents. We also share a lot of educational resources to keep your dog safe all the seasons. These tips help thousands of dogs’ lives and give peace of mind to pet owners. The most important thing all year round for your pet’s complete safety is – Just monitoring the environment temperature of your pet – Yes! This simple thing can save their life!

And today’s technology helps you do this regardless of where you are and where your pet is. Be it a parked vehicle/RV, remote home, or kennel, all you need is a remote pet temperature monitor installed by your dog, to keep an eye on your pet’s complete safety. To monitor the temperature, install the pet monitor and it will alert you the moment the temp goes outside of safe limits set by you right on your mobile phone. That’s it – you can have peace of mind.

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