Why not to leave your pets alone in an RV?

Most RV’ers face a major problem when they have to leave their pet alone in their unit. An unfortunate event of the camping site not allowing pets, or it being unsafe for dogs might leave you with no choice but to let your furry baby stay in the RV.

Whatever the reason is leaving your pet alone in the RV without proper care is equally dangerous. If you are planning to leave your dog alone in the RV here are a few things that you must know.

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Make sure that your pets do not disturb the neighbors. Dogs, when left unattended for a long time, can become restless. This can lead to howling which might disturb fellow trekkers and campers. Also, one howl can cause a ripple effect on other dogs and before you know all the dogs in the area would have followed the trend.

Although the temperature in your RV is normal, the humidity and wind conditions can cause the temperature inside the RV really hot making it uncomfortable for your pet. Leaving your dog in an RV during summer can cause heatstroke and in winter can cause frostbite. Both of which are extremely deadly. So you need to monitor the temperature of your RV using a trusted Pet Monitor.

Waggle Pet Monitor is a trusted brand used by about 3o000+ pet parents around the world.

The device is small, compact, and extremely easy to set up and use. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that allows the device to function for about 2-3 days.

The monitor constantly monitors the temperature inside the RV. In case the temperature increases the preset value, it will immediately notify you via text message and email.  That apart, it also keeps you updated every half an hour giving you peace of mind while traveling. Watch Video

If your dog is reluctant to stay alone, do not force him/her. Hire a local pet sitter to babysit your dog. Dog sitters services are available at most camping sites. In case you cannot find a dog sitter, check with your fellow campers who have dogs. Most of them will be pleased to help you with a return favor. That said, do proper research before you hand over your pet to some unknown person.

Leave an ample amount of food and water for your dog when you are away. Select foods that are not perishable and can be left open for a long time. Walk your dog before you leave them alone. And come back before their next walking schedule.

Park your RV in a cool place (if your RV is solar operated make sure that you get proper sunlight) with proper ventilation. Closing all the doors can make your dogs claustrophobic and may cause suffocation.

In case your dogs are not comfortable staying alone and none of the above-mentioned tips works well for you, then it is better for you to change the travel location/site. Because, nothing, I repeat NOTHING is more precious than your dog’s life.


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