5 Essentials for RVing with dogs

1. Seat Belt

It is necessary that you use a seat belt or a carrier to hold your dogs while traveling. This will prevent your furry baby from getting injured.

2. Seat Cover

Seat covers will allow your baby to roam freely in the back seat of your car or RV Preventing the hair from getting accumulated in the seats.

3. Waggle Pet Monitor

There might be situations where you might have to leave your pet alone in the RV. Constantly monitoring the temperature of your vehicle using a pet monitor.

4. Litter Box

Litter box allows your pets to excrete hygienically while traveling in an RV. You can also use this in your camping sites.

5. Chip on LED Light

This allows you to find your dogs in case they get lost in the dark. They are battery operated and glow in the dark helping you find them easily.


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