5 Trivial, yet interesting facts about dogs you must know

How well you know about your furry baby? We have 5 interesting trivial facts about dogs you must know. Here we go!

  1. Pooches turn into monsters

    Yes, that’s right! Did your pet ever turn into moody and green suddenly? Dogs become jealous and consequently turn weird at times looking at their owners. This means, your pooch wants your attention and more care.

    Pets love to spend a lot of time playing with the owners. When the dogs feel it is neglected, it becomes a monster. Researchers from California say an average pet tend to behave mildly indifferent and depressed when the owners ignore them or don’t spend much time with them.

  2. As smart as a 2-year-old kid

    This might sound funny, but it’s true. Research shows that “dogs are the cleverest canines on the planet”. A 2-year-old kid is so creative and very smart, we know this, but a puppy dog is as clever as a 2-year-old kid. If your pet is a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Poodle or Husky, you can observe they are much smarter than other dogs.

  3. Better than Doctors

    Woah! What does this mean? If the owner of the pet falls sick, dogs easily detect the change. If your pet behaves weirdly and shows all signs of unhappiness, the reason could be you now.

    Dogs have the ability to sense if a family member falls ill way before a doctor diagnose it. Some researchers prove that a dog can detect some of the common diseases like diabetics, cancer or fever in the primary stage.
    But how? Dogs interpret everything from ‘smell’. The odor of the person will change when he/she is ill. Knowing that his owner is suffering from a disease, dogs bark a lot and may become cranky.

  4. All dogs are excellent swimmers

    Don’t worry if your pet falls into a swimming pool or a pond accidentally. Dogs have the ability to swim by nature, you will be surprised to see their buoyancy skills when they are in the swimming pool for the first time. They seem to drown in water, but will never!


    Dogs can swim very fast and faster than any world champion, without any training. If you want to see how they swim leave your pooch in a pool, you will be amazed to see how it behaves!

  5. Dogs are great dreamers

    This might sound funny as well, but it’s true! They are big day dreamers than any other creatures. Next time your dog sleeps, go close, pay attention and observe it. It whispers and barks so softly which means it is in a dream.

According to animal researchers, dogs have similar brain activity like humans when they sleep. Small dogs dream more than larger dogs!

To sum up, dog are the best companions on earth to live, play and learn with. Tell us how your furry pets behave or and any interesting trivia about them.


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