An arthritic dog, tied in the backyard was found in the mud, drenched

A man was arrested in Middletown for leaving his arthritic dog, Sassy, in raw cold and rainy outdoors. It was tied in the backyard for hours in cold. The owner of the dog said the dog was incontinent so it was tied in the backyard most of the time.

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Many such incidents happen daily and some are reported and some aren’t. There are many reasons people tie their dogs but in winter dogs cannot be tied in open places.

If you have to leave your pet in the backyard, then monitor the environment temperature to safeguard the dog from getting frostbite. There is a wide range of gadgets available in the market today to monitor the dog and alert you whenever the pet is in danger. Some come at a low cost too! Maybe, monitoring the pet should be mandated to keep your pet comfortable in the United States where the maximum population owns at least a single dog. If you care for your pet, monitor your pet!


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