Don’t Lose your Dog to Fire!

Incident 1

30 March 2018, was a warm sunny morning where most of us went swimming or trekking or just threw a house party. While everything was normal for us, a kennel in Michigan had a tragic fire accident that took away the lives of 30 dogs in the kennel. This included both boarder dogs as well as their own dogs. By the time the firefighters reached the venue, the building had burned down to ashes.

Incident 2

A firefighter for 17 years lost his two dogs (a 12-year-old Pug named Duke, and a one-year-old Blue Nose Pitbull named Bones) to a home fire caused by them. Bones had the habit of jumping on the kitchen shelf. The owner remembers occasions where Bones had turned on the stove by accident while jumping. An incident so naive has caused him the life of his precious babies.

Incident 3

Sometime ago a video went viral on Facebook where a golden retriever in Massachusetts accidentally started the fire in a locked house. He jumped on the oven to steel pancakes. While doing this he accidentally turned on the stove. The firefighters arrived on time and saved both the dogs.

You can watch the entire video here:

The owner, however, had a temperature monitor with an alerting system installed. Therefore, they were able to communicate this to the cops immediately and save the dogs.

In the first two incidences, a lot of lives could have been saved if proper precautions such as using a temperature alerting system or a fire safety training were given to the dogs.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 1,000 home fires are caused by dogs each year. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this could not happen to you. And, most of the time the victims of these fires are the ones who caused it (your pets). While there is no point in blaming these voiceless kids, their loss can shatter you.

Dogs are like kids. Perhaps you must be lot more cautious with dogs because they cannot talk. They cannot call you and let you know that they are in danger or scream for help. Therefore, it is very important that you exercise proper care and take the necessary precautions to safeguard your pet from fire.

That’s why we from Waggle have prepared a quick infographic with the necessary fire safety tips.

That said, it is very common that your pet might try and steal food from the stove. This could happen anytime, immaterial of whether you are in the house or not (who thought these cute retrievers could get into something this dangerous). It is very important that you train your dog to stay off the kitchen counter.

Here is a video from Zak George’s Training Revolution which will help you home train your dogs to stay off the kitchen counter or stop stealing food. I have 3 dogs (2 Spitz and a Retriever) who stay alone at home most of the time. I have personally tried this (ingredients changed) and is a very much recommended training video for pet parents like you.

Hope you found this information useful. We love dogs as much as you do, that’s the sole reason why we want to help save the lives of these beautiful creatures. Waggle Pet monitor will instantly alert you when the temperature rises beyond the set threshold giving you peace of mind while you were away. Let us know the precautions that you have personally taken to safeguard your dogs from the fire in the comments section below.


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