Mother dog in freezing temperatures tries to keep her puppies warm

Mother dog tries to keep her puppies warm in freezing temperatures.

Justice for mother dog and her newborn puppies left to freeze in the cold! This deeply upsetting video was published on Facebook page called My dogs & Friends. Unfortunately, the video comes with very few details and the administrators of the page are refusing to disclose further information, claiming that this page is only meant to raise awareness and inform people that keeping their pets outside on a chain in freezing temperatures is wrong. In the meantime, the video was removed from the page. The footage went viral soon after being published, with thousands of outraged citizens demanding justice.

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According to some people in the thread, this might be an older video, but that info has yet to be confirmed. I managed to discover that the footage was posted for a traveling TV show that aired on V-ME-TV in Spain. The show’s moderator claims the mother dog just gave birth to her puppies, that drifted away due to the uneven terrain and snow and couldn’t get them back because she was all tied up, but the crew managed to reunite them with their mother.

However, it is freezing cold and the mother dog is still outside, tied to a thick, long chain. You can see the puppies shacking heavily as the mother licks them in an attempt to keep them warm. It’s just so saddening and revolting!

The mother dog and her babies were eventually rescued by the people who took the video. However, there have been no updates on how these angels are doing amid the rescue.

I am having trouble finding words to describe those owners that are keeping these beautiful babies outside to freeze. What kind of a person does that? It’s heartless, despicable and inhumane! Yes, sled dogs are adapted to live in freezing temperatures, but you can clearly see that the puppies are shacking and are clearly too exposed. This is pure abuse!

No mother dog and her puppies should ever be treated in this manner, no matter what the circumstances are. There should be no doubt that these cruel owners need to be held accountable for his unspeakable neglect.

Please help me report this video to PETA and INTERPOL and ask them to look into this video. We want as many answers as possible and we want justice served.

Please help report to INTERPOL using the link below:

Please help report to PETA using this form:

The mother dog is chained outside, in the heavy, Arctic temperatures

She is struggling to keep her newborn babies as warm as possible

The mother dog and her puppies were eventually rescued by the crew that filmed the video

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