Know the temperatures before hitting the road, RVers!

Know your Environment Temperature

Are you a dog parent living in an RV or a motor house? Do you constantly travel and have limited electricity supply for air conditioning?

Here is what you need to know?

Most pet owners put their pet’s comfort before safety. What if we say you can give both comfort and safety at a same time? Create pet friendly environment so that your pets feel comfortable. Monitoring the environment temperature of your pets is something which is very critical if you want to keep them safe.

For instance, let’s take car/RV which we see parked at the shopping complexes or camping sites. The dogs locked inside the vehicle can be seen panting or in need of help. This is because the temperature inside the car is intolerable and double than outside. This can rise to triple within fraction of seconds. This leaves your pet affected by heatstroke or sometimes even death.

What can we do about it?

Pet parents can monitor their pet’s environment temperature. They need to get notified whenever the temperature reaches the danger limits. You need to use a gadget to monitor the pet’s protection. This makes your duty easy by keeping you alerted.

On the other hand, every year at least 100 dogs die due to heat stroke or frostbite. That’s why, safety should come first!

Tracking VS Monitoring

Wondering if both are same? No! There is a major difference between tracking and monitoring. Tracking applies to tracking your pets movements. Monitoring refers to tracking environmental temperature.

Monitoring alerts you whenever there is danger. And monitoring your RV and Environment temperature gives you peace of mind.

Know the Temperature

Different breeds have different temperature tolerance. Some love to play in snow while some like it warm. Hence it is always better to know the weather before you hit the road.

How to Monitor?

If you decided to monitor and keep your pet comfortable and safe. Nothing can will give you the peace of mind like we do. The sleek and simple to use gadget monitors your pet’s environment temperature. This helps you stay alerted and address your pet whenever in danger.

Here is what our customer Mr.Ross Deprey from West Palm Beach, FL had to say about us.

If you have a pet and love travelling, Waggle is the thing for you.

This stands best in the market because it’s very simple to use and very affordable. Decided to Keep your pet comfort and safe by monitoring the environmental temperature? Want to get a Pet Monitor? Buy it here.


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