Why Using a Temperature Monitor Makes You a Better Pet Parent?

As a pet lover, you want to be the best pet parent you can be. When you adopt a new pet as a companion, you do so with the intention of loving and nurturing them and ensuring their health and safety. This includes making sure they see their vet regularly as well as making good decisions about what’s in their best interest.

Being a pet lover also means you likely want your pet to go just about everywhere he can with you. When you’re making a quick car trip it’s tempting to take your dog along for the ride. After all, what better way to enhance that otherwise dull trip to the bank than having your trusty companion at your side?

Of course, if you’re heading out to run errands that will keep you away from your vehicle for an extended amount of time, even leaving the windows down isn’t enough to combat warm temperatures. At the same time, a blanket isn’t always enough to combat the cold.

In these scenarios, good decision making is crucial. As a good pet parent, it’s important to consider the temperature outside before you head out the door. Even if you will be leaving your pet in the car unattended for only a very short amount of time, it is not advisable.

Monitoring temps on the road

Traveling in an RV, on a camping trip or extended road trip, is a different story. You’ll almost certainly want to take your family pet along. And because RVs include features that allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the vehicle at all times, pet owners often don’t think twice about it.

But as a good parent, you can do better than simply relying on your vehicle’s heating or cooling system in the instances where you may need to leave your pet behind for any period of time. Thanks to technology, you can take the extra step of monitoring the temperature in your RV while you’re away from your pet, too — leaving nothing to chance in the event of a power outage or other failure that could affect internal temperatures.

So, if you decide to go on a hike, or ride your bike into town and away from your campsite, you can do so with the confidence that your pet will be comfortable while you’re gone — and that if anything malfunctions, you can get back to him right away.

Waggle’s Pet temperature monitors alert you via your mobile device in the case of any issues while you’re away. These monitors make you an even better pet parent — not only on the road, but at home too, by allowing you to monitor temperatures in your home while you’re away from your pet. Home monitoring can come in extremely handy during the long, hot, dog days of summer. (Pun intended!)

Parental instincts

Of course, as a good pet parent you know that nothing takes the place of good judgment and “parental” instincts. You should never put your pet in a situation where temperatures could be uncomfortable or dangerous. Temperature monitors should never be viewed as a tool to justify leaving your pet unattended where she shouldn’t be — in a regular vehicle on a hot summer day. For example, in this case, the best decision is to leave them at home enjoying the comforts.

But in situations where a comfortable temperature can be maintained, temperature monitors provide the extra peace of mind you want as a responsible pet owner and awesome pet parent.


Thanks to technology and great pet lovers like you, there aren’t many places our best friends can’t go. And the only thing better than having them by your side is knowing they’re safe and comfortable along the way.

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