Why Emily feels that Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor is the best technology to keep her Dogs safe?

Emily Austin used to travel a lot and now lives full time in her RV in Key West, Florida with her six dogs. Temperature and humidity levels rise quickly in Florida and she was always worried about the safety of her dogs when she was away at work. To abate her concerns, she installed an IP wireless camera in the RV and would routinely check on her dogs from her computer at work. She also had a thermometer in the RV but it was hard to get a good look at it from the camera viewer. One day at work, she was surprised to see no activity in the web camera and saw all of them sleeping on the floor. Immediately sensing something was wrong, she anxiously rushed home. Emotionally charged she reflects on that day she says, “When I opened the RV door, the heat hit my face and my heart sank seeing my dogs panting and lying on the floor.” To her relief, she could take care of them quickly and they were alright.

She explains,” The power had blinked and had caused the air conditioner to turn off, which left the dogs getting cooked in the hot RV.” Resolved to never have this happen again, she turned to the internet to find a solution.

Emily searched on the internet and soon realized that Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor was the solution that she was looking for. At first, she thought it was a bit expensive but soon realized that it was worth the investment. Happy with her decision, she says, The Pet Temperature monitor is the best technology that I’ve found to know that my dogs are safe. My dog’s safety far outweighs the price of the monitoring as you cannot put a price on your dog’s life.” She cites a recent incident that reaffirms this belief, when she turned the air conditioner off in the morning as it was chilly, but forgot to turn it back on before leaving for work. Thanks to the alerts sent from her Waggle temperature monitor, she could react quickly. “This is not the first time and it is not the last time that the temperature monitor has saved my dogs. I beg any of my friends who travel in an RV with their animals or who have power glitches in their apartment or house to purchase this amazing product!”


“The application is user friendly and enables me to check the real-time temperature inside the RV. I really like that I can receive alerts through emails too in addition to texts on my cell. Due to the nature of my work, I am not allowed to keep my phone with me but I can always check my emails. So, one way or the other, I always get alerted when the temperature exceeds the limits.” She also likes that it is small, sleek, and can be kept anywhere and she doesn’t have to worry about power blips or outages as it has a battery backup.

Backed by her firsthand experiences Emily says, “I recommend the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor 110 % because of the peace of mind you get knowing that your dogs are safe.”


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