Why Should You Get Pet Insurance? The Cost, Benefit, and Worth in 2021


In most health centers and hospitals, people cannot (or find it difficult to) avail themselves of uncompromised medical treatment without insurance coverage. With medical bills having the potential to rise exponentially, health insurance is often the most commonly sought-after benefit. However, we are still amiss when it comes to insuring our pets. 

While it is heartwarming to see people treat and take care of pets like their own family members, getting the right pet insurance plans continues to evade the sensibilities of most households.  

Unlike humans, pets cannot express their pain or explain the symptoms they’re experiencing. Instead of panicking and splurging what can sometimes stack up to thousands of dollars in medical bills, having pet insurance can make a world of difference. 

From long-term ailments to unexpected injuries or even monthly check-ups, your hyperactive furry friends are prone to medical intervention, irrespective of the age, breed, or species.

So for the heroes who kept you sane during the pandemic, let’s learn what pet insurance is and take a look at pet insurance plans that make the most sense. 

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is just like any other insurance you’ve ever heard of but for pets. Although it technically falls under the ‘property & casualty’ (P&C) insurance category here in the United States, it is health insurance for pets nonetheless. 

Pet life insurance and pet medical insurance are the two basic subcategories you need to initially decide on before opting for an insurance provider or a plan. 

For most pet owners, a pet life insurance makes more sense as your pet that lives less than two decades in most cases deserves holistic wellness, health, and accident coverage. 

Before opting for a plan, a basic rule of thumb suggested by experts and doctors is to select a pet insurance plan that covers both ‘accidents’ and ‘illnesses’. However, older dogs and cats with underlying health conditions like diabetes or pet leukemia may not qualify for the illnesses insurance; they can still be insured for accidents.


Why Should You Get Pet Insurance 

We cannot anticipate the future of our pets, but the best we can do is be prepared for it. This is where the importance of pet insurance comes to play. 

Imagine a dog with a limping leg. The cost of the ER will probably be a collective cost of exam fee (approx. $100), radiographs (approx. $80), and medications (approx. $110), rounding up to a cool $300, without the variants.  

Having pet insurance in place not only helps you save money but empower your pet to receive the best possible treatment for their maladies without the burden of monetary constraint. 

Handling Pet Emergencies – A pet emergency, if not addressed, can lead to high costs, sometimes ranging up to thousands of dollars. The funding provided by pet insurance often covers the complete cost or almost 80% of the treatment expenditure, ensuring that your pet gets the best treatment without breaking your bank. This is also imperative in rare breeds or high-risk breeds that might face health issues more often than others. For example, bigger breeds often suffer from hip dysplasia, an orthopedic condition that requires invasive surgery and plenty of ongoing treatments. Pet insurance will cover most of that.


Empowers Pet Owners to Choose the Best of Medical Aid – Some vets cost more than others, and some hospitals are pricier than their competitors. Having pet insurance empowers you to choose the best medical experts instead of compromising because of financial issues. After all, your pet deserves the best. 

Monetary Relief – As discussed, pet insurance makes it easier for pet owners to save their money in case of emergencies. They will not have to break their bank and will be able to avail the best medical treatment for their pooch. 

Pet Insurance PlansUpon detailed research of various pet insurance providers, these are rated the best chronologically. 

  1. Healthy Paws – With no maximum lifetime or yearly payout, and claims settled within 2 days, Healthy Paws is regarded as the best pet insurance for dogs.
  2. Pet Assure – If you’re looking for pet insurance for pre-existing conditions, Pet Assure has you covered and is known in the industry as the best overall provider.
  3. Trupanion – With no limits on payouts and 90% coverage on new conditions, Trupanion is known as the best insurance for hereditary conditions as well. 
  4. Pets Best – Providing the best competitive pricing in the industry, Pets Best is the affordable and sensible option to go for. 
  5. ASPCA – One of the most popular choices in this listing, ASPCA assures up to 90% reimbursement of covered costs and is also one of the best budget coverage options. 
  6. PetFirst With dog insurance starting from $15 per month and cat insurance from $9 per month, PetFirst is the way to go for preventative care insurance.
  7. Figo – Providing a brilliant & user-friendly app that makes utilizing various insurance options a breeze, Figo is one of the best options if you’re looking for 100% coverage. 
  8. Petplan – Offering risk-free cancellation for up to a month and no signup fees or add-ons, Petplan is one of the best pet insurance providers in the North Americas, but it is touted as the best pet insurance for cats.
  9. Nationwide – Not to omit other domestic animals, Nationwide has the best insurance coverage options for exotic animals, including birds, amphibians, guinea pigs, lizards, rabbits, turtles, and many more. 
  10. Pumpkin – Providing emergency care, diagnostics, preventive care, and many more insurance services, Pumpkin is the best option for puppies and kittens. 
  11. EmbraceCovering everything from accident to illness; Embrace provides the best dental insurance service for your pets.
  12. TrustedPals – Covering all breeds and all ages, TrustedPals is the best platform if you’re looking for customizability. 

As prices and quotes vary based on area, taxes, and time of the year, visit the respective websites to receive the current quotation.

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The Cost & Worth of Pet Insurance

Costing anywhere from $10 a month to $5000 a year, the younger and well-known breeds are offered the best monthly quotes, and the cost of not opting for insurance is much higher. 

If your pet ever swallows a sock or needs emergency surgery, the dent something like this puts in your pocket will be in thousands of dollars, which could have otherwise been easily mitigated.

For instance, if you don’t get insurance of $50 per month for 5 years, you’d save $3000, but in case of an accident, this five-year savings could disappear within an hour, and regret sets in immediately. So, medical insurance for your pet is not only worth the money but the life of your pet well. 

Pet Care and Safety Technology

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