Summer Hazards for Your Dog


Summer is all about outdoor activities like barbeques, poolside chilling, long walks in parks, etc. And many times we take our furry pet along on our summer adventures. What most of us do not realize is that, while our pets might have fun they are also exposed to hazards. Here are some of the very common summer hazards to avoid during your day out!

1) Extreme heat

Extreme heat can be harmful to dogs as they have fur coating and cannot take heat well. In case of extreme heat, it is necessary to avoid all physical activities like going for a run or hike. It is all necessary for the owners to carry a portable water bowl wherever they go. To reduce the body temperature; hose down your dog regularly. Look out for the signs such as panting and take them to a cool place immediately.

2) Bites of other animals

Dogs are prone to getting ticks, stung by bees and even get bitten by snakes during outdoor activities. So it is important to always keep a close eye on them. You must always carry precautionary items and if your pet shows signs of vomiting then take them to the vet immediately.

3) Drowning

We all know dogs are the best swimmers but it does not mean they can be left alone when you take them to water bodies. We see dogs drowning and near-drowning all the time, so it is necessary to take proper precautions like the one we take when we bring our kids to pools. It is important and saves a lot of worries if any mishaps happen.

4) Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can get seasonal allergies. According to the CBS News website, inhaled allergies like pollen, mold, trees, and plants all have a seasonality to them and a lot of the animals will show their allergies seasonally. Some of these will be more persistent in the summer. It just depends on what region you’re in. Allergies in dogs tend to manifest themselves as itchy skin and issues with their coat. If these symptoms persist, bring your pet to the vet to decide on the best treatment options.

5) Look for pet-friendly places

Most places these days are pet-friendly but sometimes they are not. It is necessary to check if the place is pet-friendly or not before you take them on any adventure. Make sure you always have an eye on them so that they don’t run off and scare people. Always keep them close and don’t let them wander.

6) Barbecues

Summer calls for grilling food and having cookouts with friends and family. But with a lot of people comes distraction and your pet might sneak a snack from the table when you are not looking. When they eat a food that they are not supposed to, it may make them sick. While it may resolve in a few hours, it is important to ensure it does not happen in the first place. Human food is not animal food, even if you give them human food make sure it is bland and tasteless.

7) Fireworks

Loud noises like fireworks are very stressful for dogs so try to keep your pet as away as possible. CBS News reports some animals to become extremely anxious to the point of even being destructive. Since their sense of smell and hearing is heightened animals are really sensitive. Take proper precautions and give them some cuddles when they are stressed or scared.


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